Friday, February 02, 2007

Prelude to a Weekend

So, we're going home this weekend. And we're all excited since we haven't seen the family since Christmas. Makenna is especially since her birthday is this coming Tuesday and Nana is cooking a special Sunday dinner for her along with a birthday cake that Aunt Destiny is ordering.

That leaves me to get everyone prepared to go. It means I have to do a butt load of laundry because Paige will ALWAYS wait til the last minute to bring her dirty clothes and she HAS to have certain articles to take with her. Spoiled rotten, she is.

It also means I have to clean the kitchen and whatnot because I do not like driving four hours home on Sunday to a nasty kitchen and undone laundry. Drives me nuts.

So, I'm doing laundry and when I reach into the washer to grab a handful of fingernail on Pointer finger is bent totally backwards and pops. Snap. I jerk my hand up to see the damage. And being a human being, I snatch the nail off because it's gone and of no use to me anymore in this lifetime. Holy Joseph and the goat. Meat came with it. Suffice it to say I saw many a star floating in my vision.

I can deal with broken nails. I pamper my hands and keep them as lovely as I can. I refuse to get manicures and acrylics simply because I am a mother and wash my hands too many times a day. Broken nails are a part of life and that's that.

But, ye gods, I then had to wash dishes with that hand. Got done and doctored it up nice and neat with a flex band-aid.

Now I'm hitting 4 keys at once and trying to figure out how to use my mouse with the middle finger. It's not working.

Good thing we're going home. No washing dishes for two days and my mother will do all the cooking. Life don't get no better, folks.

You all out there in Internet land have a decent sized weekend. We're leaving rain and going into more rain, but the windshield wipers are fairly new and Fred will be driving. Because I'm injured and all that. I just get to fix dvd players and pass out threats and wave my wooden spoon at Vitt so he'll stay buckled up.

Good times.


Emily said...

If you pop through Charleston, let me know!! We could get lunch or somethin! :)

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