Saturday, February 10, 2007

Slumber Party 2007

We survived. Six giggly, screaming girls invaded our home at 6:30 p.m. sharp Friday evening to celebrate Makenna's birthday.

I was gone to pick up Paige from a thang she was doing and the house was full upon my return.

Fred said they all came at one time! The way he described it to me....the parents pulled up in front, chunked the kid out the vehicle and took off with tires a squealin'.

We ordered 3 LARGE pizzas. There wasn't a piece left.

We went through a gallon of fruit punch kool-aid and probably 2 gallons of water. We got a water cooler. With cups on the side. It's cool and calls for lots of drinking and chatting "around the water cooler."

This morning they went through an entire loaf of bread when I made toast. Plus 2 quarts of Tang.

I was floored over how much these gals could eat.

Oh, and I was unapologetically* evil. I had some cheap-o door hangers up in the cabinet. I told whoever cleaned up the living room best this morning would get a prize. There was some cleaning fools working. I gladly passed out prizes.

Just to soothe my nerves, I had Fred take me for some retail therapy.

We're good to go until April. That's when Paige wants to have HER slumber party.

Dear Joseph......I'm saving money for groceries now. I bet those girls could put salt on a shingle and go to town!

* uh...spell check said this isn't a word.....but it's workin' for me so it stays.

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