Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Unexpected Coolness

The title has to do with our weekend back home to South Carolina and today's events.

It was cold up there, people!! Not near as cold as some are in this nation of ours...but pretty dang chilly. Just sitting on the front porch with my dad talking was almost unbearable. But, we did it. I treasure those moments with my dad. He hardly ever slows down, but when he does, he's a joy to sit and talk with. Although I'm not too fond of when he reminds of things I did as a teenager. I could live without those reminders!

We made our way home Sunday afternoon and by Monday night, it was apparent a stomach bug had attacked our house! It claimed Paige Monday night and Vitt Tuesday morning. I literally held that baby all day yesterday. He couldn't hold anything down and fever just went through his little body. He moaned and groaned and dozed while I held him in the recliner. Finally, last night we were able to get some Motrin* in him. When the fever broke.....he hit the ground running. He finally ate and drank with no bad repercussions.

Until this morning.

Then came the diarrhea. Whew. Last week Vitt decided he would wear "unnerwear".... the cutest little boxer briefs you ever did see. We've had issues with peeing in them...but he's pooped in the potty like a champ.

Until this morning.

Everyone knows diarrhea really gives no warning. You fart and it's there. And this boy is the Fart King. He loves to poot and exclaim to the world "I POOTED!!!". That's when we remind him to say "Excuse Me". After shouting it loud and proud, he follows with a "ME!!!"

All morning long I've been behind him disinfecting and wiping. I knew he couldn't help it and I would try to get him to the potty.

Finally, about an hour ago, he went to go potty. And he pooted. And here came the diarrhea. He thought it was the coolest thing EVAH! It literally made him laugh with glee to see this foul stuff shoot out of his butt. He would almost fall head first in the toilet trying to watch himself poop. He must've flushed the toilet 5 times thinking he was already done. It was so cool and he strained so hard, I think he almost pushed his eyeballs out! We totally did a dozen high fives over this accomplishment.

Now he's been running to the potty every five minutes trying to recapture the unexpected cool new trick. I hate to tell him it shouldn't last much longer. Let the boy have his party.

That's what's been happening around the Edge. I've had people call me and ask if everything was okay because I hadn't blogged in a few days. I wish they'd comment like they call!!! *hint* *hint*

*Motrin is the bestest drug ever made for kids. I think of Tylenol as a joke because it doesn't affect my kids at all.

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