Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine O' Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you in Internet Land. I hope your day is red and rosy and full of chocolate.

Ask me what I'm getting? Go on. Ask me.

I'm getting an unusual and unique present this special day.

I'm getting four things contained on one thing.

You can't eat it.

It has potential to be used over and over and over again.

I will carry it with me always.

Guessed it yet?

I'm guessing you haven't.

I'm getting keys.


Apparently Vitt has lost my keys for me. I've always been very careful to keep up with my keys as I have been locked out of the house before a couple of times. Paige was younger and had ten kinds of anxiety attacks over it, so I've gotten into the habit of having them in my hand when I walk out.

Yesterday, Vitt and I went to go pick up the kids from school and I couldn't find them. Fred was in a meeting and unreachable. So, I called the neighbor and explained my dilemma (we share carpooling duty). She laughed...being a mother of six....and went to get the kids.

We have torn this house apart. We've asked Vitt to go get Mommy's keys. He puts up both hands and says..."I don't know."

I have this fear they are floating in the septic tank abyss of this navy base.

Two keyless remotes. Gone.

Instead of a glass of wine or nerve pill? I ate a Hershey bar instead.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Domestic Diva said...

Ohh, bless your heart! I'd be eating some chocolate AND drinking some wine! ;)