Monday, February 12, 2007


And there she stood.

Surrounded on all sides by mountains. No path of escape to be found.

Towels to the North.

White clothes to the South.

Pastels to the West.

Jeans to the East.

Good dress clothes (pastels) to the SouthWest.

Good dress clothes (darks) to the NorthEast.

Another load of non-bleachable towels to the SouthEast.

Skivvies to the NorthWest.

She lifted her hands to the heavens to ask "Where did this all come from?" "How can 5 people use so much in such a short time?"

She hums the age old song....Workin' in a Coal Mine...goin' on down down...Workin' in a Coal Mine...Oops, about to slip down....Lawd, how long can this go on?

In true Scarlett O'Hara fashion she goes to her knees and proclaims out loud........

"Lord, when these children are grown and gone. When they are educated and making decent money. When they live in nice houses. Lord, remind these children of the promise made to their Mama. They will pay for Mama to have a housekeeper so she may live the golden years of her life loving granchildren and participating in retail therapy at least three days a week til she draws her last breath."


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