Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A few thoughts....

Can you believe February is almost over? That's two months of the year already gone and nine months until I have to figure out where I'm going to put the Christmas tree this year. Because we rearranged both living rooms this past weekend.

My soul wasn't resting well the way it was. Seriously. I would sit and watch television and constantly look around the room thinking it just wasn't right. The only show I could watch with full concentration was Grey's Anatomy...which I lovingly refer to as O'Malley's Anatomy because Meredith so needed to stay and hang out with Denny. And please don't let Patrick Dempsey cry again. He's just not attractive when he does. Yuck. So he's sensitive. Whatever.

My wonderful husband catered to my crazy idea to change things around. He moved heavy furniture and mopped that white tile floor. I drafted my neighbor upstairs to come help me figure out where everything was going. She may be young, but the gal has really good taste. We are now happily able to focus on television because the room flows, people! It flows around you and just plain rocks.

Guess what doesn't work in a garbage disposal? A nickel. Mr. Plumber came this morning and, boy, was he unhappy about that nickel stuck in there. Instead of yanking it out and charging us for a new one, he fussed and cussed and finally got it out. You should see it. It's literally bent in half. Imagine what the disposal could do to a finger. ~shudder~ We will be having a family meeting tonight to discuss what NOT to keep around the sink area. Next time we might not be so lucky.

I'm getting my hair done today. Because it's red. And I'm not a redhead. No offense to you red's out there. I've just always been blonde and it's not working. My stylist decided to do something different and put a golden brown on my roots...just for kicks. And I keep an open mind. I don't want to be one of those gals stuck with a hair-do from the 80's*. It was fine at the salon. Then I came home and washed it the next day. It came out red. Yucky red. Apparently the water on this base is toxic to a degree. You can't drink it. You can't cook with it. And now I guess you can't get a brown hair color without it turning to a disgusting shade of red. I've not hated my hair in a very long time, but now I do. I can't keep this hate bottled up for so long before I explode, so I'll just head on to the salon and get this issue nipped in the bud.

Ya'll have a good day out there in Internet Land. We're looking at 80 degrees with no humidity and bright bright sunshine. Go ahead...hate me.

*The 80's rocked with hairstyles. I may be 5'6" now, but I was a sweet 5'10" back then after I fixed my hair. Long live Aqua Net!!!!!


Tracey said...

Ok, I hate you. But you gave me permission. At least I don't have yucky hair, though. (well, actually I do...)

Jacinda said...

I have red hair.........