Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alot of action in just a few days

Once upon a time I thought I was a busy person. Ha. Boy, was I mistaken. Now? I'm lucky if I get an hour or two to myself once a week. And usually I'm too tired to enjoy the time to its fullest. For the most part, I love it.

After my class at the chapel on Thursday, my partner who runs the program with me called with the news that her 2 year old was being admitted to the hospital. Long story, but the child has been sick off and on and answers are finally being found! That left her 14 month old without a place to go. So, of course, he came to me! What a sweet baby he was. He ended up spending the night with me as Mom and Dad were at the hospital with his sister.

I am too old to be doing the small baby thing again. I am so confident in the knowledge that I no longer have any type of baby fever whatsoever. None. No rise in my temperature at all. Three is perfect and my family is complete. Now, I shall VERY patiently await in laws and gran kids. I enjoy basking in the feeling of feeling the completeness in that area of my life.

Because that baby woke up every hour on the hour with the "WHERE AM I?" cry going on. Bless his heart. I was a zombie by the time I took him to the CDC (child development center) on base the next morning. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

During the day and into the evening Friday, our Navy returned to service the USS Georgia. Talk about fanfare and hoopla! It was understood that if you didn't need to be on base? Then don't go! Security was so tight, wildlife were being searched if they breached fences. Emily had to spend all day there as her hubby is now a proud member of the crew. Paige covered her home front with Noah so he wouldn't have to suffer...uh enjoy...all the speeches and dignitaries.

I had to get all gussied (that's Southern speak for "dressed up") up so that I could head to a special service down in JAX (Jacksonville, Florida) Friday evening. Carla's mom was visiting for the week and we were headed to a Christian women's seminar. I was ten kinds of nervous about driving the Hoe ( for new vehicle?) down there with all the crazy drivers. With Carla as my co-pilot/navigator, all was well. We did some major teamwork and found our way where we needed to be.

Again, I'm endorsing someone by mentioning names. First off, God dropped in because 14,500 people were gathered in His name. Can I just say the Spirit is a mighty thing to encounter...but when that many people are doing some major praise and worship? All I can say is...whoa. Our speaker for the weekend (Yep, weekend because it was Friday night and Saturday morning) has got to be the most amazing speaker I've ever heard in person. Miss Beth Moore was the lady in charge and I thoroughly enjoyed her the entire time she was on stage. She is dynamite in a tiny package and when she had to take her shoes off to finish? I knew she was cool. I gotta admit, though, it made for an exhausting time as we tried to cram so much into a short amount of time.

We finished up our Saturday celebrating Jace's birthday over at Carla and John's house. There were the usual suspects involved. Emily, Jer, and Noah, us, and special guests included Carla's mom and her friend who were here visiting. It was warm enough here for a turn on the slip and slide before present opening time. A good time was had as we cheered Jace on to turning 5.

My writing is suffering this morning because I'm just dangit tired. Therefore, I find it fitting to share a picture or two or three to make up for my slackness. Now, that's fair, isn't it?

Seeing something like this is sure to move even the hardest heart. How can you not be moved by all those men who are serving our country? In dress blues??? Come on, Internets! Welcome home, USS Georgia!!!

See what I mean? That's Miss Moore on the big screen and all these people (mostly women...I'd say only around 100 men) were here to enjoy her talking goodness. It was open seating, but we preferred to sit near an exit so as to get out of dodge before everyone else got the same idea.

Last, but definately not least! Happy Birthday, Jace! With your wet hair from the slip and slide, action figure loving self!

All I gotta say is that I don't know if it's the new laptop or blogger today, but the picture part isn't working well and I had to bout lose my mind to get these things on here! ACK. I think I'm going to go play some mindless blackjack now.


Get Off My Lawn! said...

Fair enough. Remember to double down when appropriate. I've been having some trouble with pics too. I wonder if Blogger has changed something we can't see?

Miss Hope said...

Well, I'm not the most adapt at handling computer when my normal routine is disrupted...I tend to get highly upset. Blogger wouldn't do that if they truly knew me.

carla said...

What a fantastic time we had at Beth Moore....Hope are you ready for the next go around?? Em can't wait. LOL I can't believe my baby is 5 already. Isn't he the sweetest thing you ever saw? LOL YES I am biased!!!

jaime said...

lol. i wish we could have gotten in on that slip n slide and cake:) cant wiat to take a ride in your new vehicle

M.L.E said...

As the one with the husband on the Georgia....Welcome home, USS Georgia! Now that you're here, don't keep my husband gone too much, okay??? ;)

Sure wish I could have been at Beth Moore with y'all. But I prayed for you tons!!

Jace - Love you, buddy! We had a great time at your birthday. Noah loves having you as a friend!

And Hope, you are truly a blessing to so many women! With all the time you put in, all the advice you give, and just the willingness to lend a helping bless the lives of so many and give a good example while you're at it. Keep up the good work!

The Pikes said...

The picture of the USS Georgia brought back so many feelings. What a great picture. I sure have a thing for those dress blues myself.... Although when dh has been away for too long I always have an uncontrollable WISH to be hugged by a pair of those polyester tan uniforms. Once my dh had a friend come to the house in uniform to hug me..
Mie - enjoy hubby being home for the next few weeks. GO easy on him. I think the week after homecoming is always the most awkward time. It's like your dating all over again. Why is that?
Hope the convention center looked packed - it sounds like you had a great time and you were able to refuel your lamps

chelle's winks said...

busy, busy, busy....Sounds like fun though...nice pictures!

OneHungMan said...

OneHung is with you, Sister. A five-year old cousin visited four-year old YoungHung on Saturday. It was one spoiled child too many.

Fortunately, every time OHM starts thinking about how nice it would be to give YoungHung a sibling, something like this comes up.

OHM can wait for Grandchildren.

andria said...

How nice of you to take that baby and help out. I have one here who's lots of fun if you want to have some more fun!! LOL.

Beth Moore is from around here I found out. She went to a church on the freeway (a BIG one) for many years. Maybe she still does. I've done a couple of her bible studies, I don't do them much because my time and attention span get the better of me, but I've always liked hers. She's just knows how to sell it.