Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And Love was Born

Just so you know, this is another post about one of my kids.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that Makenna was taking her first golf lesson. That happened this past Saturday. She and her buddy Braden (that would be Carla's boy) hit the course Saturday morning ready to do some learning.

They were the only two who were signed up, so they had the full attention of the golf pro. The Dads were the ones to take them because they have visions of their children playing along side of them. John and Fred hung around to see how things would go and they finally had to leave the pro to handle it because the kids kept looking at them for help/correction/instruction.

What did they do then?

Head over to the clubhouse to sit outside on the patio to smoke them a cigar. Because that's what you do when at the golf course.

Makenna had to borrow a club from the pro because we wanted to wait on that kind of purchase. We decided she needed a few lessons to establish if this was something she would want to pursue. The Man did buy her a teeny little golf glove from the pro shop because he firmly believes in a good grip.

At the end of the lesson, Makenna approached The Man with the Money and informed him she wants her own set of clubs. This borrowing was for the birds. She's decided she wants to keep on with the lessons because it's COOL. And now she's addicted to the golf game on the Wheee.

Maybe we're on to something here?

The Man didn't let me down. He snapped a few pictures for me to remember the day forever. (I'm training him well on using that camera phone of his) Carla gave me permission to share a picture of her baby, too.

And she prepares for the swing...............

Uh...apparently five years of dance is interfering with her swing. All those years of kicking up her heels makes it automatic. So she has flair. A little shuffle-ball step with a pirouette might work. Right?

I had to laugh at this picture. My girls always have to strike the pose. Isn't that glove the cutest thing? I had big issues with the black tennis shoes, though. They just didn't go with the outfit. But, again, proper footwear has to wait until she's positive.

I still think a love was born.


carla said...

Aren't our babies so cute out there? I am really hopeing this is something they enjoy and keep up with. I am glad Fred took pictures cuz you know my man forgot all about it. LOL

chelle's winks said...

Cute pictures...As I said before...this tennis, and B-ball are the best sports kids can get involved in...They can always play these sports no matter how old they get...and if you are lucky, it coud pay her way through school..Maybe by then Clemson will have a girls team. They have the most beautiful course around!

AndreaLeigh said...

Too cute! I love playing golf and I'm sure she will, too!

OneHungMan said...

Looks to OneHung like she's moving away from the ball instead of turning her torso to begin her swing...a no-no because it makes your head move.

If the pro doesn't address this in the next couple of lessons, find someone else.

Paige said...

Oh no she didn't. She TOTALLY took my pose.
We shall have to talk about this. -_-
She can find her OWN pose. That pose has been mine since.. well... my whole life and we found pictures to prove it. So she can be an alien or something, but the whole hippy outlook of 'Peace, love, and harmony' on life is alll mine little sister. (:

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I know nothing of golf and cannot imagine playing it because I've been living in a snow-locked wilderness for months. Maybe those fluorescent coloured balls? I bet your child is already better than me.

The Man on the Edge said...

Alright, yes, she did enjoy it. And I do like the idea of taking her to the Links for a round. Will be fun. As far as OneHung's comment, the pro was trying to teach them the right way. He even demonstrated a couple of times. This was the first time Mak even had a club in her hands. And, besides, the price is right at $5 per lesson. Can't argue with that.

OneHungMan said...

Ok, for 5 bucks a lesson, keep em coming.