Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday Wishes!

Birthday Wishes to my girl, Carla! Today was her birthday and we celebrated like nobody's business. The local tea shop was our spot to meet. She was greeted with a tiara, scepter, and a lei to wear and reign over the room. A balloon bouquet adorned the table with flowing grace.

At this tea shop, a small dress up area is provided for girls. There is an assortment of hats and boas to make any girl grin. Young or old. Yes, we did. We all had hats and boas on for a short while and were right festive about it. Once the food came, though, the feathers had to GO!

The cake above is a key lime cake. Not a pie. And it was amazing. The Man was kind enough to pick up The Boy and his girlfriend from school and bring them to us so we wouldn't have to leave. That Man came right on in and sat with the hens and had a cup of soup and half of my piece of cake. The Boy thoroughly enjoyed himself in the Dress Up Room.

I think he set a new world record or something. At least I got a picture for proof!

It was just a wonderful day all around filled with howls of laughter, good food, and presents! Don't forget the presents!

Girls love dress up...no matter what the age!!!

Long live the Birthday Girl!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARLA!!! This was the best March 18 I've ever had!


Get Off My Lawn! said...

A proxy happy birthday to your friend. Men love dress-up too, we just try to hide it behind practicality. I'm seriously considering joining the fire department just so I can wear the uniform.

M.L.E said...

I enjoyed sharing in your special day, Carla! And thanks, Hope, for not posting any pictures of me. I'm soooo not good in hats! ;)

House of Hayes said...

Thanks for inviting me to celebrate Carla's Special Day !
And to Mr Fred...THANK YOU!!!

*PS HOPE* You better watch out girl...Erinlee told me this morning "Mommie...I love Mr Fred.He is NOT my Daddy but he is my BEST FRIEND"


chelle's winks said...

Happy Birthday! You all look like a bunch of Southern Belles...HA

Looks like fun....Vitt looks just like Fred!!!!

and that cake looks too good!

OneHungMan said...

Mmmmmm, cake.

The Pikes said...

Okay...the "boy" looks like hes havin the time of his life.