Saturday, March 01, 2008

We got a Thang

We got one of those thangs. You know....a gaming station that starts with a "W" and ends with a "ii"?


Tax time always nets us a small return. I know that order to do it correctly, we're supposed to get as close to $0.00 as possible. Okay, man. So sue us for wanting to have a little chunk of jingle. It makes it easier to get a bigger ticket item doing things that way. It's how we roll.

The Man and I decided that a Wheee would be something the whole family could enjoy. We wondered about The Boy being able to participate, but those fears were put to rest quickly.

Finding one of these suckers is the ultimate treasure hunt here. I finally decided it was time to find one. Well, don't just snap your fingers and expect one to be there, Internets. It just doesn't happen that way.

We stopped the electronics department at the Mart Tuesday evening. They had gotten a shipment in earlier that day and, of course, they were gone. The next day found Carla and I heading down to Florida to run some errands do some minor shopping while The Boy was in school. I asked at that Mart down there and they informed me that they had gotten a shipment in on Tuesday (and this was Wednesday), and they were gone. Hmmmmm. Mental note to self: The Marts get theirs on Tuesday.

As we left to head back home, we passed a Gamestop. Carla ran inside and came back to inform me that they were getting a shipment at noon. It was 11 a.m. I called The Man at work and told him the deal and that he should check the Gamestop in our town as I was almost positive they would stop there first. He called and was informed the UPS guy was due in about 10 minutes. He got up from his desk and headed out.

He got there to see someone walking out with one. The person informed him there were only six and there was a line. Carla and I were parked in front of the Florida Gamestop awaiting further instruction.

Success. He was number 6. The hunter had bagged his prey. Carla and my recon skills had paid off. We headed home then.

After work, The Man headed back to get a couple of games and accessories to go with our new toy. Then it was play time.

Makenna moved more than she has in a year. The Boy was right beside her. Oh, what joy. Oh, what fun. Paige was just as involved with wild swinging and teenage squealing.

Two afternoons straight we played and enjoyed life with the new toy.

Friday morning both girls were so sore in their shoulders, they couldn't hardly move. Awe, they got exercise and worked out. Playing tennis was a killer.

And, yes, Vitt knocked Paige out in 30 seconds on boxing. I think he's found his niche. I think his favorite is bowling. He does this wild swing thing where he ends up inches from the television (too close for our comfort) and watches until his ball hits the pins. He's got the victory dance down pat.

We had to take a break yesterday to prevent further strain on muscles. Makenna has her first golf lesson this morning and I wanted her to be able to swing.

I'm glad we were able to finally purchase this gaming goodness. Everyone I know who has one enjoys it and I don't think The Edge is going to be any different. It's finding a good balance of playing and living that'll have to be found. Because I don't like having to leave the viewing pleasure of my kids competing like lunatics and go cook supper and we can't live off of sandwiches forever. Something will have to give.

Surely, the new and fun will wear off soon?


The Pikes said...

Okay I since you have the tracking thing on your side bar.... I HAVE to explain. You might notice I am coming by at a rate of 2 people. That is because ... I am. My 17 year old teenage daughter just loves your blog. She is often reading it out loud to get the right emphasis on the southern belle slang that ya got going. Last night she came home from some serious mock trial competitions ( in which they are kicking butt) and said, " Okay, I need a dose of hope from the edge and myspace". WOW - you came before myspace. Howd you do that?
SO - keep up the good work , you got at least 2 "internets" fans here !

M.L.E said...

Hope, I can't believe y'all had to do that much planning to get one!! If I knew y'all wanted one so bad, I would have just walked into Best Buy in chuck-town or up in Montana and scooped you up one right then and there. Hmm...must be something about this area. ;)

Jer is waiting to hook ours up. Right now he's currently obsessed with his Zune. That's taken place of the ipod in a big way!!

Miss Hope said...

Before Myspace? Wow...I am indeed humbled and honored. When Paige was in Tech class one nine weeks, she informed me I had to post on my blog before the end of her class so she and her teacher could read it. Talk about pressure!

I wish we had mock trial back in my day. Can you just imagine Miss Hope in her business suit talking in a Southern accent? I'd would be sure to win!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Video games and exercise? Together? What a concept. I think Nintendo finally made something I can get behind. I bet you can't wait for Super Smash Bros. Fun and health to all!

andria said...

Oh, we really "needed" the thang here this week. It's birthday time and the thang to have. Alas, can't find one. Maybe by Christmas.....

Enjoy it girl. Just know I hate you for it. LOL

chelle's winks said... should try putting some weights on your arms and box or play tennis...that's what I do...It's doing wonders for the arms....

Melinda Meadows said...

For the first time EVER we saw them Wii's in stock on a store shelves. They had them at Costco a couple of weeks ago and I have to say the site was shocking to me! LOL

We got ours from Gamestop much the same way a year ago. We've learned that it's a wise idea as a family who games to make "friends" with the people who work there!