Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Miss Hope loves some good conversation. Add a cup of coffee and the kitchen table and I am set. It just fills my tank so to speak.

I love to know about other people's conversations. Especially if it's funny or memorable.

Take for instance:

Last night I had to take Paige to the high school to perform in some choir deal. They were showing all the local schools and Paige's school was invited to perform. The entire front sections were filled with groups of giggling 7th-12th graders. It had to be like a buffet .....teen style.

Paige was sitting with her group, beside a friend. They were eyeing all the new boys (well, new to them). The lights were low as all focus was on the stage. The friend commented on one particular boy.

Paige's friend: Paige, look! He is HOT. OMG.

Paige: Who? Oh no..EWWWWWWE. He is SO not hot. I think I know him and trust me, he is NOT hot whatsoever.

PF: I don't know him and he is too hot. Look at him!

Said boy sings and comes back to sit down. Where he then puts his glasses back on.

PF: OMG...I DO know him...and he is NOT hot!!!

Paige: See? I told you!

PF: Wow...the dark can make anyone look good, huh?

Paige: That's why so many people get pregnant.


Tonight I received a text message from a friend back home. M. sends me the occasional text to check in or let me know what's going on back at home. Tonight she sent me a picture text. It was a self portrait her son did at school and it was amazing! (It tickles me when she takes the time to do this because I appreciate it so much.) And I also consider texting a form of conversation, thanks to having a teenager.

Hope's Text: we're all sitting here going...WOW! he did a really good job. i hope you're going to frame it!

M's Text: you bet i am. I wish you could see on paper. it is awesome!

H T: i'll have to come by when we come home! yep...I just invited myself over.

M's T: come on sister!

HT: know i will!! Shoot. Anyone who will pray in a blog is liable to do anything!

MT: i love your blog but i always do. it is the first thing i look everyday after i check out whos been arrested.

HT: Girl. You just bought yourself a ticket into the next post.


Life is full of good conversations. Take a listen your own self and find out!


The Pikes said...

Such a cute idea. I am the eaves dropping queen. Just ask my family. I will have to try to do this.

Although, you oughta clue those teens in. The dorky looking guys from highschool are the ones that end up being millionaires, keep their hair and most likely nevre cheat on their wives. The "hot" ones never make it anywhere, cheat on their wives and lose their hair first.

LOL,just a life lesson that I learned along the way.

Krys72599 said...

The Pikes beat me to it! I was gonna say that we geeks actually turn out to be the coolest adults... "Give a geek a chance" will be my next custom T-shirt, I think!
I'm such a people-watcher/eavesdropper that my girlfriend, with whom I was having a lovely lunch the other day, actually had to ask me if I was listening to her. Thank goodness I can multitask; I was able to recite her entire conversation back to her, while still being able to tell her about the book the guys at the next table were discussing, and about the date one of them went on the weekend before...
(This is a duplicate message - I am trying a feed and I don't know if my last message went through... Feel free to delete it if you get it twice...)

OneHungMan said...

Tell Mak to be careful, Paige is gaining on her...except for that whole "stupid math" thing.

chelle's winks said...

Hey...Sounds like you have your own "Reality Show" going on..

I can't believe that Paige is so into boys now...

Oz said...

Re: the first.. Ha. I am fairly certain that's true, too.

I also agree with the first comment. Many dorks are cool in the end.