Monday, March 31, 2008

Text Messages from a Teen

I promised text messages in an earlier post and now I'm here to deliver! I want to share them for a couple of different reasons. One is to show you what I get on a regular basis and another reason is so in future years, my child can see how she truly was.

I'll share a few messages with you with my commentary in a different color. Sometimes a scene has to be set in order to fully appreciate it.

First text:

Scene set up. I had taken Paige to the doctor as she had hurt her ankle again. It worked out because I had an appointment, too. Two birds with one stone and all that. She was out in the waiting area and I was down the hall at the lab having blood drawn for that yearly cholesterol deal and whatnot. We were there so early, I only had time to fix a cup of coffee to go. Before heading to the lab, I gave her the last half of my cup to drink because it was cool and she loves coffee, but hates hot beverages. I texted her to tell her to keep an eye out for the doctor who was bringing her a brace for her ankle and to let me know if the doctor showed up because I wanted to speak with her.

I was sitting there waiting my turn when I received the following:

Paige's Cell:
i will will and i know i know. but jees, how many ppl are you behind? btw coffee is gon and tummy realized its empty and is verbally protesting to deprivation. -_-

Next we have text #2. This was while we were in S.C. Paige lives with her Nana and Papa when visiting there. She loves to soak in all that grandparent goodness. Plus, the 50 inch television is a good incentive to stay there. She controls it when Papa isn't there. We were over at our house (Edge I) when I received this text message:

omg! im watching casanova andddd holy cow! the NUNS!=O ha ha ha ha ha ha wow. nuns?! "E-TERN-AL damnation for ONE NIGHT with CASANOVA"
-mutters and shrugs- "seems fair"

lol new fav movie ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Apparently this was a quote from the movie starring the late Heath Ledger. At first I thought SHE was saying "seems fair". I'm glad she cleared that up when I saw her.

Text #3. We were preparing to leave on Wednesday morning to head back to Jaw-ja. I told The Man to call her and make sure she was up and getting dressed. This is what I got around 5 minutes later.

oh em geeeeee. (I do not like for her to say OMG because I keep telling her that she's gonna call Him one day and when he shows up....she'll have a lot of explaining to do. This is her compromise. Humph.)

i was in the shower and as soon as i opened the curtain and stepped up on the stair thingy (on nanas tub) i heard "WOW!" and i was thinking "holy crap! somebody is in here! agh!" so i freaked out, screamed, and fell down the 1-2 step thingy and it was as i hit the floor that i realized it was my phone ringing. i had it set to 'donk' by soulja boy. i swore to myself i was going to kill whoever it was that was calling.

so if your husband goes missing within the next week, don't look for him. he'll be at the bottom of the st. marys river wearing cement shoes. -_-

okay so not really bc i hear you can't join the navy with a criminal record, but you get my drift.

that junk HURT.
kay...i'm done now.
call before ya'll come over. (:

I promise that was all in one text message. I don't think she took the first breath when typing. This is how she talks in real life! Nonstop wide open. And it really doesn't take alot to hurt her ankles.....she's already had a broken foot and two sprains.

This message followed within the minute:

oh wait! i forgot to insert my husky mafia voice!

All I can say is Thank Goodness for unlimited text messaging! This does not spoil my child in any way. She works to pay for it every single month. She has this fear that I will cut off text messaging. Maybe, that's because I've done it before and would not hesitate to do it again. She's the person that makes money off of the cell phone company because of unlimited texting. Girlfriend is beating the system!

As a goodie last night, I sent her the ringtone for the Carolina Gamecocks. Sorry, Chelle, she'll wear orange all day long but has issues with a tiger for some reason!

Be assured, Internets, that I will continue to share this texting goodness with you. I know I look like a complete froot loop reading these things in public because I'm laughing so hard. No need to keep all the good stuff to myself now is there?

p.s. Spell check almost blew a gasket on this post.


chelle's winks said...

I stupid with texting...only do what I have to to get the message across..That's why I bought that new phone with the big texting keyboard, I refused to do it 3 keys at a time, I'm to old for all this technology and I hate it most of the time.. This doesn't mean much to me cause I don't know all those little symbols and stuff,however it is funny. I'm not good at short whit like Paige...mostly sarcasim(?). Paige texted me when ya'll were home too. She's very good at it, it's the wave of the country for young people. I guess I'll never catch up because by the time my 2 are teenagers their will be something probably newer and more complicated and I'll be just be way to old them....

Anyway....I just appreciate the fact that you have a teenager and are handling her so well.....because I know that girl has tried to be a teenager from day one..Right?...Congrats Paige on finally catching up with yourself!!!LOL hey I do know one...

Aunt Chelle loves you...

send me your space Paige, so I can really know what's going on with you....

jaime said...

haha. Thats hilarious.

Pikes Pickles said...

okay my teenage daughter read this post yesterday and came to me and said " You have GOT to read what miss hope wrote." She then said she had to get your daughters phone number so she could text her. Oh no. It could get ugly with the thumbs a flying.....

Great post.

Miss Hope said...

Miss Pickle? It can be done! Paige has got a HUGE circle of friends spanning the U.S.A. that she texts with all the time.

Like I said...the girl is costing our phone carrier money on a daily basis.