Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Prayers

Having been raised in the church, I've always believed that those things you ask of publicly...the Lord hears, too. Therefore, I am "publicly" asking for some things to make sure The Big Guy upstairs knows my sincerity.

Dear Lord,

Please help me keep my temper in better control. It does not help when I alienate my children's doctor by telling her how badly her place of work sucks. Even though I got what Paige needed, it might be better to wait until AFTER the prescriptions have been put in before airing my thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

Thank you for letting me realize after cooling down that I needed to apologize to the doctor, therefore returning her to my side. Being an advocate for my children is not something I take lightly and I will fight to the death for their safety and well-being. You gave me that job, and I take it seriously and will do my very best at it.

Please help me refrain from telling everyone I know, and those who read but don't comment, not to buy a computer from Dell. Because that would breaking a personal rule of mine where I keep products out of my blog. I'm sure there are many out there who have had good experiences with this company. I've even had one myself, ergo buying from them again. But a brand new laptop Cadillac shouldn't work for 6 hours and then die. It just shouldn't.

Please help me to sit back and let The Man handle things. He does do a wonderful job, but my independent take charge handle it my own self attitude can't help but hinder him sometimes. He is doing the best that he can, and I should let him without giving him a lot of grief about it. Just because I believe I know better? Doesn't necessarily make it true. But I'll never admit it.

Please help me to quit calling The Boy "bad". Because people are starting to believe it. He's not bad. He's a sweet loving baby that melts my heart and makes me laugh with his wonderful personality. So, he's being a kid with kid moments. Those moments will be gone soon enough and I'll miss them. Well, some of them. Help me to prove to those who know him that he's spirited and hard headed, yet smart and funny and loving.

Please help me doing a good job running the program at the Base Chapel. Chaps has put Megan and myself in the front and we are now responsible for it all. What an honor. What a responsibility. What a lot of work. But, we believe in it's purpose and we believe in the people who participate. Let us do our best and let our best work for those who need it.

Please help me be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend I can be. I love the people you have put in my life and my path and I want to be someone they can love in return.


p.s. Thank you, God, for 1000 tc sheets. They rock!!


M.L.E said...

Now, you KNOW that I am ALWAYS praying for you about ALL of these things. Your prayers will be answered...hang in there.

The Pikes said...

very eloquent and beautiful, thanks for sharing. Now, I have cause to rethink some of my posts...eeek.I think I have been called to repentance. LOL.

Have a wonderful day.

jaime said...

i love vitt:) He's so funny and crazy. he knows how to make you smile and how to make you pull your hair out! hes not bad...hes unique!

Krys72599 said...

Can I cut and paste everything from "Dear Lord," to "They rock!!"??? Names will be changed since I don't *personally* know Paige, her doctor, Dell computers, The Man, The Boy, or even you, Miss Hope, for that matter! But what you said - I* should say it. Change the names, the scenarios, and *it's me!* From the need to keep my temper in check, to cooling down and apologizing, to fighting to the death for my kids' safety and well-being, all the way through computer frustration, calling my son "bad," letting DH do what he can do his way (not mine!), and wanting with all my heart to be a better person...
Thanks for writing my post today!!!

OneHungMan said...

OneHung totally understands the paragraph about the boy.

chelle's winks said...

I too had an experience with our "family doctor" today...you know!!! Need I say more....I just kept thinking your blog.....

The boy is fine he's just "the boy"

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

thanks for sharing, I can relate!
I am thankful that God has given you the strength to share and for that I am truly blessed by your words!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

The boy will be what he will be. Anyone who gets to know him, really gets to know him, will see him as he is. Those that don't bother to get to know him... we can do without them. Their problem, not yours. Their loss. I'm not sure if 1000 thread count was a divinely inspired idea. But they sure do feel like heaven. Even I will agree with that.

Miss Hope said...

Thank you all for the kind words. Believe it or not...after writing that paragraph about my baby Boy....I have had nothing but peace. I needed to think it, say it, and feel it.