Thursday, March 06, 2008

Where'd That Come From?

I have some really good friends that like my girl, Paige.

One friend recently cleaned out her closet. She HAD to do this because she uses retail therapy on a regular basis. She can't justify buying more when her closets are bursting wide open.

PITA (which is what I affectionately call her) had a few pieces of clothing she thought Paige might like. I have to hand it to the lady, she has great taste and it's all so modern and snazzy.

Carla took the clothes home with her first to wash because PITA has cats. Cats and Miss Hope don't get along. At all. I had to look at all the remodeling PITA did to her home through the windows outside like a peeping tom because to walk in would guarantee me a trip to the E.R.

The clothes made it over to the Edge for Paige to decide if she needed/wanted/liked them. No hurt feelings if she didn't....Goodwill would get an awesome delivery that day.

Now that Miss Thang has new bedroom furniture on the way, she's decided it's time to clean her room and go through the clothes.

She came over wearing a gorgeous shirt that looked great. Keeper. She came around with another piece...a lovely pink raincoat.

All of a sudden, The Man looked at her and said....

"Where are you getting all these clothes from???"

Had him worried for a minute there.

Stupid us told him. Should've let him sweat it for a few more minutes.


chelle's winks said...

And just when you think the "man" or men aren't paying shoulda let him sweat...Don't you (like myself) like having the upper hand on the man...somehting about "the man" drives me to have one up on him?

we know hand-me-downs are nice...I have some more for the boy....

M.L.E said...

Yay for "new" clothes!!! Enjoy them, Paige!!

C said...

Have fun with the stylish new clothes! I love "new to you" stuff. :)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Glad to hear you let him off the hook. I don't like all that sweating myself. Missed commenting on the rant last post but, wow. Nicely done. You don't need a soap box, you need a megaphone. Up north here, we're already feeling the crunch of lost tradespeople for exactly the same reasons. Doctors, nurses, teachers... it affects everyone's job. Keep telling them.