Wednesday, March 05, 2008

That Time Again

Well, Internets, it's that time again. Miss Hope needs to brush off her soapbox and step up a moment.

*Flicks fancy duster over soapbox (since it's been a while)*

*Steps up, tests sturdiness*


What I can't understand is why on this God's (yes I said GOD) green Earth has a majority of jobs been outsourced in this fine country we live in? It makes no sense to me at all.

We decided to purchase a new laptop from a well known name that deals with computers. All was well until there was some miscommunication between them, us, and and bank. Everything was fine, it was just miscommunication on the computer company's fault.

My husband took his entire lunch break plus 30 extra minutes he did not have today trying to speak with someone at this computer company. He was transferred to India a few times. Each time he asked to speak to someone in the United States because it is freaking impossible to understand these people. Am I putting down Indian residents? Absolutely not. Kudos to you for being bilingual. I personally only speak English and Southern English.

Because of the language barrier, even more miscommunication occurred resulting in higher blood pressure from my husband.

This man is a second generation Mexican on his father's side and third generation Czech on his mother's side. Well, he believes his father's parents were born here, just before Arizona became a state. No matter. When he's asked "What he is?" referring to his ethnicity, he replies, "I am AMERICAN."

I am quite a few generations in with the Scott-Irish on both my sides. I know my great great great grandfather was researched, so we've been here a while.

I'm saying that to say this. You have people who have put blood sweat and tears into the land we walk upon. They have lived, loved, laughed, raised families, died, and been buried in this place we call The United States of America.

So why the heck can't we keep our business here?

I won't get into politics because that's The Man's job on his blog. I just just can't fathom why we have to outsource our entire lives when there are people here who are quite capable of doing the same jobs.

I have a friend with a degree in computers. She's worked with a major company on their computer help desk. She's worked on my personal computers and we joked about how I couldn't afford her if she wasn't my friend because she was paid $25.00 an hour. I could call her at work and if she wasn't busy (which was rarely), her ability to help was amazing. She lost her job due to outsourcing. ~snaps fingers~ Her job was gone. No need for her services anymore.

Now, she's the single parent of two young children. She's begging for a job, Internets! Just about anything will do. She had an interview last week with the offer of $11.00 an hour. And you know what? She's going to have to take it so that she and her girls can somewhat survive.

Because of outsourcing.
Because our country's bigwigs want to save a buck.
Because quality over quantity has become nonexistent.
Because we are heading downhill so fast the crash is going to be stupendous.

I am so disgusted, yet frightened for my children. They represent the next two generations that will come and what examples are we showing them? What kind of mess are they going to have to clean up. Worse, what are they going to do to make it worse because they know not how to fix it?

I see my husband almost, but not quite, get a defeated look about him. He has given over 18 years of his life serving this country. He BELIEVES in this country. He LOVES this country. When I ask him if he wants to serve over twenty years, he immediately tells me "no". Politics have invaded the military and made it a wuss butt place to work. It's not about defending and protecting as much as it's about making sure no one gets their feelings hurt and holding hands of grown men and women.

I try to keep my blog here light and funny. So, you'll come back and love our lives as much as we do. But, I'm human, and I have a temper. And ya just gotta let it out sometimes.

In conclusion, all I have to say is......

What are we, as a country, coming to?


The Pikes said...

Hey Hope. I agree on several points. It has been interesting to watch my friend attempt to not use products made in China.Everything is made in China!
Also,I have a question. Does my husband and your husband know each other? The Navy is a small place sometimes AND my husband has been in 23 years but only 19 count for retirement.(One more year till retirement)So they might have traveled the same circles. His name is Jason Pike.

Miss Hope said...

What his area of expertise? Mine is a submariner and has been stationed in Orlando, Groton, Hawaii, Charleston and how here. Topeka, Columbia, and Florida..if that makes sense.

The Pikes said...

Was a submariner 85-89 and now Surface;Charleston,JAX Florida,Virginia,Recruiting in Upstate NY, RI, VA again and Now San Diego.

Krys72599 said...

God bless you and the Man, Miss Hope. You put my feelings into words so very eloquently. I'm 1st generation Polish on Mom's side and don't-know-how-many-generations American on Dad's side (he has some Dutch and Lenni Lenape Indian thrown in a few generations back, for good measure). Our family is PROUD to be American. My grandparents, Mom and aunts, LITERALLY off the boat, couldn't wait to become citizens. They're now Americans, from Poland.
Think maybe if we didn't outsource so much it might have a positive impact on our unemployment numbers? Did anyone think of that?
Grrr - it's nice to hear others who agree...

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

God bless America! Amen, Tell 'em how it is! I am so thankful for our military and mostly the wives, I still cannot imagine how you seem to keep it together! And the outsourcing will make you sick!
My family has also been here forever-with scottish-german and irish mixes! At times I am internally fighting myself!
I did have an X-sister in law was part-German, part-Shepherd! She was a nasty thang!
So I hear ya! thanks for sounding off!

chelle's winks said...

Now who needs the drink!!!I love America and being an American is what it's all know how I feel so stopping there before I fill up your comment area!

Anonymous said...

Miss Hope,

I love your blog, I found it by pure luck :)

I also don't post on your page, but felt compelled to do so.

I agree 100% with what you wrote. It's a very frustrating time we're in right now. I only hope that our kids can untangle this web we've woven by the time they are running things, and that we can get back to "normal"

I think so far to me, the biggest slap in the face was the Airforce not going with Boeing to make their tanker planes, and saying they're goig with AirBus...Does that make any sense? Of all things, why would an American military branch go overseas to have military planes made? I know it's being fought in D.C., but still, what does that tell the citizens of this country when even your own military wants to go overseas.

Miss Hope said...

Thank you Everyone for piping in. I love to hear what others think on hot topics.

Anon! Welcome to the Edge. Feel free to post a comment or just enjoy a visit.

PP? The hubby doesn't think he knows your hubby. Then again, he is a man and they tend to forget alot of things until they run into someone and the memory returns.

Crazy Me said...

I can't stand it when I get transferred overseas for customer service calls. It drives me insane!

Vanessa said...