Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And He Rolled...

We are fortuneate enough to live fairly close to some good things here on the East Coast/South. We're about three hours from Disney World and all that is good and expensive there. Shoot, that should be enough in itself right there. Between here and Diz there is a little place called Daytona. A very popular place for a major Harley bike week and NA*CAR (for those who are having trouble, an "s" goes where the * is). Thanks to Jaime and her hubby Vladi, The Man scored a free ticket to this past Sunday's race. There were many phone calls between the two guys and plans were firmed up Saturday.

They left out early Sunday morning. Before dark-thirty, to be exact. The kids and I were left behind as he went to enjoy the 50th anniversary of this major event. And I didn't mind at all. Makenna might've had an issue or two since for some odd reason she seems to enjoy watching the race....but she has time to attend one or two in her life.

I am a tad jealous that he got to see Chubby Checker, Michael McDonald, Kool and The Gang, and Brooks and Dunn. Oh, and Ms. Trisha Yearwood Brooks sang our anthem for us. I received many texts and pictures of all he was seeing and experiencing. We were watching here and I would text back asking if he could see what I was seeing. Not really, but he was perfectly satisfied seeing the drivers up close as they went by.

I was in bed when he left and in bed asleep when he got home at 1 a.m. Seems after 50 years of having this race? Daytona officials still haven't gotten a good game plan to get these people out their town in a nice orderly fashion after such an event. I think it took three hours from the end of the race until they got to the vehicle. THEN, they had to get to the interstate to head home.

I'm glad he got to go and enjoy himself for the day. He was in good company (which always makes it better) and is still talking about it.

This morning I was making sure Makenna got her bath before school. I help her wash her hair because she's still not where she gets all the shampoo out. It is our jobs as parents to teach our kids personal hygiene. I've also discovered it's better to start at an early age instilling these good habits. My kids may not be the best housekeepers on the Earth, but by golly they'll be clean and smell decent! (I envisioned Miss Scarlet saying that last sentence with feeling.)

So, I was talking to my half asleep child as I kneeled by the side of the tub.

Me: (paraphrasing here) Being clean is important. You are growing from a girl into a young lady and now things are crazy acting in your body. You have to make sure you clean well all your knooks and crannies. There's nothing more unattractive than someone who is greasy and stank. It's just how life goes, ya know? There are some things in life you don't want to be. Stinky is one......

Makenna: (who immediately piped up before I finished) AND ALONE!

I stopped and thought for a second.

Me: Yep. Alone isn't a good thing. But if you don't wash and keep clean? I can promise ALONE will happen because no one will want to be around your nasty butt.

She laughed. Then washed really well.

An old dear friend of mine left a comment on yesterday's post. Crystie and I grew up together back in SC. Girlfriend got smart and left town at an early age, but we always try to connect at least once a year to re-establish our love. She's found my blog and I realized....I've got no way to contact her!!! Crystie? Girl, give me a way to contact you! No phone numbers because my Internets might take that as an invite...well, the less than stable ones might. An email addy would be great! I'd love to chat about the hubbys and kids with you.

Pardon me whilst I have a very minor meltdown. Spell check STILL won't work for me on here and it's driving me crazy!


chelle's winks said...

Yes, we have been getting calls for about 5 months now for our Darlington camp-sites. We are booked but have bought a new lot that will be cleared and ready for more people(send us some business).Is Fred coming to Darlington? We always have him a space.I swear I still don't see the love for this ?"sport"? but love the profits and the crazies that follow it.We've made some good friends. Glad Fred was able to go to Daytona. Chase went too and had a real good time....

Miss Hope said...

The love of this sport eludes me also.....but having it on in the background makes for good sleeping on Sunday afternoons.

Anonymous said...

It warmed my heart to read about myself on your blog:) You can get in touch with me at cghinis@sc.rr.com or I have a Facebook page under Crystal Ghinis. You can see pictures of the kids on there. Give us an e-mail! The Ghinis Family misses hearing from you. Tom says Hi!

Luv, Crystie

M.L.E said...

Being alone...

I agree Mak! Definitely not one of my favorite things at all.

I'm so glad you had fun in Daytona, Fred. I sure had fun shopping with Hope and Paige on Monday!

Dani said...

Hope - you have been tagged on my blog :)