Friday, February 15, 2008

A Day I'd do Again....

Yesterday was a day I'd do all over again and not complain. I felt like it was good before the sun even came up.

Because I was up before the sun was. You see, our base CDC (Child Development Center) had 4K registration for the 2008-2009 school year yesterday. I found about it quite by accident, but knew I wanted my son to attend that facility. My reasoning is this: Georgia pays for all 4K classes (South Carolina needs to take lessons on that one), so all are free to attend. Add to the fact that the base CDC is government owned (and I *think* makes it a type of DOD (Department of Defense) school) got good stuff happening. I had a meeting related to one of my volunteer duties there earlier in the week and was told there were only 12 spots left.


The doors were going to open at 6:15 a.m. and I intended to be there to get The Boy in those hallowed doors. I convinced Dulcie (of the House of Hayes fame) to go with me because we want to keep Erinlee and Vitt together if possible. We both showed up in a dark parking lot at 5:00 a.m. No other cars. Dulcie got in the van with me and we agreed we were both crazy as it was FREEZING outside. Next thing you know? This little car whipped in and this young chick jumped out and stood at the door. I looked at Dulcie and said, "Oh no, she didn't." I said she could sit out there if she wanted? But, I wasn't moving until more people showed up. Dangit, the cars started arriving. So, Dulcie and I sighed and knew it was on.

We stood in line from 5:10 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. in the FREEZING cold. More parents showed up until there were around 25-30 there. When we walked up, I went straight to the side of that chick and put my purse down at the door and did not budge. Dulcie was right behind me. That chick didn't argue.

Well, guess what? When the doors opened, we found out there were only SEVEN spots left. And I was number ONE. Dulcie was number TWO. That's right. We got those babies in what's considered the best 4K program in the county. All those parents past number seven were given waiting list papers and left cold and very unhappy. My hands and feet might have been numb for the rest of the day, but we were successful and I am THRILLED to have that out of the way. And Dulcie? You'll be past being so tired and will THANK me come August when these two are in school ALL day!!!!

I had to rush home and get dressed as my Thursday morning class I help with was having the base newspaper coming to do a spread. Good thing I put on makeup, because the guy took lots of pictures. Now we wait and see if he even uses any of them. By noon I was finished with that and about to drop. I came home and met my boys. I convinced Vitt to sit with me in the recliner so I could possibly get a power nap. It helped.

Fast forward to last night. My hubby took me out for a very nice supper in a very nice place. We got all dressed up and were smelling pretty good, too! We were seated at the table and had ordered our sweet teas, when I started looking around. I noticed that the flowers on the other tables were different than ours. I then saw a postcard on the table under our arrangement and thought.......hmmm, I wonder if the owner is letting florists make centerpieces and advertise? I made a comment about it and I didn't realize he had been watching me. Mr. Smooth had ordered flowers and had them delivered there to be waiting for me! I was blown away because it was so unexpected. Man, is he good. He always pulls one over on me on Valentine's Day. We had a wonderfully grown up time.

Apparently he ordered flowers that would start blooming the day afterwards and continue for a few days. They are gorgeous this morning!

That just about wrapped up our day here at the Edge. Oh, wait....

We got the kids a little something the other night. I came across this bucket of wrapped bubble gum. Around 250 pieces. We got that for Paige because she's all about some gum. I had given it to her Wednesday night while she was on the phone with her friend. She was all excited about it and was describing it to her friend. Said friend...."250 pieces? Can you fit all of that in your purse???" Paige said she wasn't gonna take all of that because it would be gone in no time.

And Makenna insisted to The Man that he HAD to get me chocolates because that's what you do. So he came in with a 3 POUND chocolate heart yesterday. He is insane. That's enough chocolate for at least 3 months of PMS'ing. Whew.

I had a friend call yesterday about my blog post from the weekend. She wanted to know why on Earth I would go into so much detail about puking. I told her she should have experienced it firsthand. Since I had to deal with it all was only fair that my Internets share in the love. Oh, and the "LOVE" at the top was Mak's shirt yesterday. Felt kind of theme-ish about things this morning...

We're heading into a three day weekend. I think three day weekends should be required by law.


carla said...

I am so glad you got Vitt into the CDC. I just cannot wait til next school years starts and we are both FREE all day, every week day. What in the world will we do??? LOL That is of course, besides eat breakfast together and shop??? I am also glad Mr. Smooth took you our for a night on the town w/flowers to boot. I am jealous as I had to eat at Larry's w/the kids. LMAO Glad you had fun.

Jaime said...

Woo wee. sounds like a pretty nice night. Jealous. lol

House of Hayes said...

Ok...If you haven't taken note...My Yahoo IM says "I LOVE HOPE!SHE IS MY HERO" girl there is LOTS OF LOVE for you :)
I am FINALLY THAWED OUT :) And I was hating you and CARLA for the beautiful makeup jobs yesterday.. :)

HUGS and I can't wait to see what THIS school year brings for us !!!

GO MR SMOOTH :) You are TOPS in my book too!!

M.L.E said...

Looks like you had a right-fine day! Kudos to The Man for giving you such a great night out. Tell Paige that two weeks from now, I'll be ready for a night out of my own. :)

And Dulcie, you looked just fine. I didn't see any cameras breaking, did you??

chelle's winks said...

Hey...I remember that day... I think that was the day..or was that the "baby" day???