Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Once made Mistake

I think Paige did something last night she'll never do again.

We all made a trek that famous Mart store. There were a few goodies we've been wanting and waited for the tax return to get. Like mini SD cards for the phones. Because I am a picture taking fool on that thing.

Paige makes her own money and is allowed to spend whatever she wants after she tithes 10% of her earnings. She had a little jingle in the pocket last night and decided to buy some fake nails. Bless her heart, she just can't grow them to any decent length. (She blames my Mama for that one since she has her Nana's hands.)

We come home put the younger two to bed. A little while later Paige comes around the corner carrying on.

What on earth???

She had decided to put her fake nails on and somehow managed to get nail glue on her teeth and when she went to spit, it glued her lips together.

Girlfriend was having a full blown fit over that one.

What a show we got before she managed to get most of it off.

I don't think she'll do that again.


carla said...

OMG Paige! Bless your heart. I can just see you now. Did mama help you get it off your lips??? Next time, be patient and ask someone to help...I would gladly help my girl out! LOL

Jaime said...

Haha. Oh man I was laughing out loud! Paige needs to stop buying those. She gets aggravated and takes them off a day later

chelle's winks said...

That must have been scary...I always glue my fingers together when I use Super Glue and I too start freakin out. Do away with those nails Paige...Take you some Calcium.

M.L.E said...

LOL! Paige, I about fell outta my chair laughing. Not at you sweetie, only with you.

Reminds me of the time last week when I was super-gluing a wing back on Bug's Navy plane. My leg started to feel really hot all of a sudden. Looked down, yep...the glue had dripped off the plane wing and down to my pajama pants therefore gluing my pants to my leg. Good times!

House of Hayes said...

OH GOSH !!!!!!!
Poor Paige!! The cost of being NINJA :)
I love reading Paigeisms :) She always knows how to make me smile :D

Did you fill up the SD card taking pics of that one?


andria said...

Precisely why I don't wear fake nails.

Poor girl.

Krys72599 said...

Oh, I just spit my morning coffee all over my keyboard! Poor Paige! But count your blessings, girl - I can top you!
DO NOT - and I repeat - DO NOT EVER use Super Glue to reattach those little foam eye shadow pads to the applicator. The glue will totally react with the foam and give you 2nd degree burns when you squeeze the pad and the applicator real hard to be sure it adheres.
I had to go to the ER. It totally hurt forever!!!

The Pikes said...

Okay- this is so familiar. When my 17 year old was in middle school, she and her girls friends were hiding under the table putting on fake nails. My ever thinking daughter managed to get super glue in her eye. We spent about 5 hours in the ER over that one.... never a dull moment

OneHungMan said...

That's good stuff.

Does Paige get a tax deduction for the tithing?

Miss Hope said...


Paige doesnt, but we do.