Thursday, February 21, 2008

Piece of Advice

All you folks out there wanting to lead this great country of ours? Here's a piece of advice for you.

If you want the vote of the legal public? Figure out how to lower the cost of gas to a decent amount and keep it there forever.

I almost ran off the road the morning when I saw on the sign $3.15.

That's just stupid. Downright ridiculous.

And The Man wants an SUV????

What's the price of liquid gold where you are?


chelle's winks said...


chelle's winks said...

Ok I'm working... now

Might not be a good answer to that but, if you don't vote Republican things are gonna get worse as far as gas, health care, jobs, need I say more...As far as gas...It always goes up in March and this year they say it's gonna last a long while. Better get ya a Hybrid...I will be definatly be looking into this if gas gets any higher. Might need to take that van in for a good check-up and drive it until after the election...

OneHungMan said...

Same as you. It's an election year, so expect it to go up a little more and then fall for no good reason.

andria said...

You know we went up to the lake (three hour drive) a couple weekends ago and it cost us 100 bucks. Yeah, it's cool that the parents have decided to move that close to us, but we may still never see them due to the price of gas.

It was 3.02 at my usual place this afternoon. Out of Houston, it's about 2.99.

Melinda said...

On base here it's $3.18, so color me shocked to see down your way it's really no better!

We have a wonderful gas guzzling SUV -- we drive Dh's little red Kia most of the time anymore because it's darn near $80 just to fill my tank!

Anonymous said...

Ms. first visit here:) Aloha!

Gas here is (on a good day) $3.26 a gallon! It costs me over $80 to fill my SUV and Rick over $60 to fill his car. Enjoy your $3.16!
AKA busymom

Mellie said...

and obviously Jill hasn't bought gas in a day or so, because I filled up my tank today at an outstanding $3.40 a gallon for regular - and that's on base.

Anonymous said...

Hello...I drive one until its out of gas...then I drive the other.....then I flip a coin to see which one I fill up...HATE going to the gas station!

Besides.....I had "Urma the Uterus" Issues last week!