Saturday, February 16, 2008

It Keeps on Giving....

I gotta hand it to that husband of mine. He scored big with the flowers he gave me for Valentine's Day. Scroll down a post to see what they looked like awaiting me on the table where we went to eat that night.

Now enjoy the beauty of what's happened in the past couple of days!

I had to come back later and update with a better picture. I didn't have enough red showing in my first effort. This is courtesy of The Man.

Not a bad deal, huh?

I find myself looking at these more and more. I love the simplicity of the arrangement. There's no "frou-frou" stuff tucked in here and there. Yeah, that's my style.

We are enjoying the start of our three day weekend. I think Paige has more work to do than any of us to be honest. She's got to clean out the van (it's part of her chores every so often to earn her cell phone services) and she's keeping company with a handsome little man named Noah while his Mommy takes some much needed girl time to prepare for Daddy to get home. (That would be Emily and we are LOVING her being home with us)

I'm going to see if I can add another link to my list over to the right. My GREAT friend Chelle has started this blogging thing and I'm so glad. Now I can keep up with her and my babies better. She's like a sister to me and I'm missing so much of their lives being so far away. I'm also adding my friend Vanessa. She's a Navy wife and mom of a teen doing the best she can. She just has the best sense of humor doing it. I so want to have coffee with her one day. So, go visit Tiddly Winks and Inside My Head and welcome them aboard!

Have a good Saturday everyone!

p.s. Uh...I'm not a professional on types of flowers and such, so someone help a sister out and tell me what those purple blooms are?


M.L.E said...

Good job with the flowers, again, Fred! They are gorgeous!!!

As for the kind of flower? No idea. I'm not good with that stuff.

House of Hayes said...

The purple ones are Iris *I am pretty sure* :)
My mama thinks that she must have more flowers in her yard than a botanical garden.. :) And these are some she has planted before ... Hope I am right and did you proud :)


chelle's winks said... win the prize...they are Iris indeed and when planted they can be plentiful and beautiful. My grandmother had the everywhere and all colors. Good choice Fred. Cut flowers beat the standard roses anyday.Great color too.....

Impressive Hope..twice in 2 days!!!

Oh..I'm surprised you haven't gotten to the bottom of spell check by now...

Miss Hope said...

Thank you, Ladies! I appreciate your helping me out!

Chelle? Spell check hates me right now.

chelle's winks said...

I hate spell check right now. If we were all profesional writers we'd be somewhere other than "blog land"....Need that tool back!

chelle's winks said...

see...I already spelled professional wrong...My last blog is sure to be teachers nightmare, sorry Mama.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Hope,

I saw your blog and just wanted you to know that you are really good at this! I'm also very stoked that I can keep up with how you're doing!

Crystie (Collins) Ghinis

The Man on the Edge said...

I am answering a comment you made on Hope's last post. It was when I asked her. You guys got me with the baby thing at the end of July. I remember distinctly because we were waiting for the Chief results to come out when that happened.

By the way, THANK you to all of you, but, I do have to give some of the credit for the flowers to Makenna as she helped me pick them out.