Saturday, February 23, 2008's settled...

Okay, my Internets, it's settled.

I know a gentleman back in South Carolina who makes his own home made wine. I call it Ripple with due respect to Fred Sanford. I've tried my level best to drink a glass of that stuff and have yet been unable to do so. Never in my life have I encountered liquid fire.

My point is this: Let's all get a bottle of that fine liquid refreshment and put it in our vehicles. I believe our vehicles would run for at least 692 miles on one bottle alone. We could then thumb our noses at the gas companies as we ride around town past their gas stations where poor schmucks are paying outrageous amounts to fill their tanks.

I've also realized that this week has been about me. And it's not Mother's Day or my birthday!! I have no idea how this all worked out. Wednesday night I got to enjoy Girls' Night Out. Last night was my monthly "meeting" with the 7 8 9 Club. This afternoon Emily, Carla, and I are heading to a local spa to do facials, massages, pedicures, and manicures. I better clarify there....I'm doing a facial and pedicure (Miss Hope was raised Baptist....and therefore has issues taking her clothes off in front of people. Thanks, Mama.). Carla is doing a facial and manicure (she doesn't do that massage thing either). Emily will be doing a facial and massage because she's cool like that. After my meeting last night, I feel I might need to stop for a cafe mocha before heading it. It ran late...the meeting did.

Egad! There's yet ANOTHER meeting tomorrow afternoon at the gym on base for the Dolphin Auction* that's taking place in March. I'm about "meeting'd" out here. At least that will all end soon. We (meaning 7 8 9) were smart and signed up for the decoration committee. That way we can go work, come home, get dressed, and go back to enjoy the show.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! We are experiencing gloomy, dismal weather here. Makes for a slow moving non productive day!

*I'm not leaving you hanging here. I shall explain the Dolphin Auction in further detail as it draws nearer. It's for a good cause that is for the children of submariners.

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Get Off My Lawn! said...

I thoght maybe you were selling dolphins. Perhaps time swimming with dolphins? That would be cool.