Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Was this a good idea?

*Taps microphone*

*Ahem* Is this thing on?

Most of you can see where I put that live traffic feed toy up to the right. I've seen this on a few blogs here and there and thought, "Hey! This might be a neat thing to do!"

Now, I think I might have stage fright! Am I interesting enough? Do you really even care if I teach my kids hygiene. Do I need to go back and see if I violated any serious military rules and gave out information I shouldn't have???? Okay, I won't worry about that one so much because too many military wives read and they would be QUICK to call/email/IM/comment that I was "breaking rules, Man!!".

I'm going to have to decide if I can handle the pressure. I almost feel like I need to give a big shout out HELLO to Nevada. I don't know anyone in Nevada. I think. My husband has 52 first cousins. All over the Southwest. There's no way to know for sure. Ohhhhh, the pressure.

Crap it.

I just can't dwell on it. Instead, I will tell you another Supper Tale.

Last night we were sitting at the table (because we eat as a family) enjoying the evening meal. Everyone was talking and enjoying the moment when my eyes came to rest on my little boy. He was eating all of his meal (Yay, Me! Healthy eating The Boy will eat!) All of a sudden, he pooted. Just outright pooted. I continued looking at him, waiting for him to say "Excuse Me". He looked around the table...I'm guessing to see if anyone noticed when he saw me looking at him with The Mama Look.

With no change of expression, he looked down at his plate. Immediately, he looked back up at me and with the biggest grin said,

"Chuse Me!" (his version of Excuse Me)

I just started laughing. Little did I know, The Man had watched this whole exchange so he, too, was enjoying a good chuckle.

I may have the gassiest kid in the South, but he's ever so polite about it.


M.L.E said...

Of course it's a good idea! I like seeing where all your readers are coming from too. :)

And little man? You just keep up with your manners, bud! Your Mama is teaching you right!

OneHungMan said...

How is OneHung's little girlfriend doing?

Anonymous said...

cool idea! Boys will be boys..