Friday, February 22, 2008


There are things that I enjoy in this life...

  • A good book that I can devour and smile when I get to the end.

  • My husband bringing me a cup of coffee before he walks out the door every morning. I'm just flat out spoiled on that one, Internets.

  • Watching M*A*S*H anytime I can find it on.

  • 80's movies

  • 80's music

  • Going out to eat because that means I don't cook and Paige doesn't clean.

  • A good laugh...but not at anyone's expense.

  • Small babies I can cuddle and give back for someone else to change.

Life can be quite simple for me and I can accomplish full enjoyment.

Take for instance, the other night. The program I volunteer with on Thursday mornings did a Girls' Night Out. Chaps (which is what the Lt. Commander...aka the Chaplain is called by most) really went all out and planned a great time. She talked the owner of a salon/spa into opening after hours to give us the special treatment of one on one consulting.

It was great. We were treated like royalty. I took Paige along to enjoy the moment. I try to do one on one stuff with each of my kids because they need to feel special and important..because they are. Wednesday night was Paige's night with Mama. She even got in the chair and was shown how to use concealer to her advantage.

There were ten of us that went. Some of these girls had never stepped foot in a bona fide salon that serves wine with your service and some of us were in heaven looking at hair products (where I broke down and made a purchase because I am a sucker for good product) and talking with the stylist about what is best. I am glad to say that even though I tell my child over and over that she is damaging her hair straightening it every day and she ignores me.....the stylist telling her NOT to do it worked and she's backing off from the flat iron now made it worthwhile for me.

We all piled into a Mexican restaurant to enjoy laughing and picture taking. It was an amazing time and I'm glad I quit being wishy washy about it and decided to go.

Best part of the whole night? We had to take the government mini van on this excursion. I never ride the bus on field trips, but the cost of gas convinced me to break this personal rule. There were six of us piled up in there coming back home. Our driver was a uniformed gal who is a nut. Chaps put me in charge of getting us home as she stayed behind to head home.

That might've been the wrong thing to do.

Because I had no problem with us stopping at a popular coffee place.

Which is kind of breaking the rules when it comes to government vehicles. So is eating or drinking in said vehicle.

Uh.....I plead ignorance? (Fred, you are not allowed to mention how we discussed this same thing a week or so ago and how it's not supposed to happen...I got caught up in the moment)

As we were riding, I received a pic message from the back row. Coty (lovemarraigecarriage to the right) and Paige sent me a dark picture of fun times.

There was a moment of screaming laughter when Coty pulled out her key ring that had a blue light on it. She and Paige were swirling it around and the car in front of us slowed down to 35 in a 45 on base. I'm sure the poor guy was wondering when did security start driving mini vans. At least our driver was an M.A. (Master at Arms/military police). We finally passed him and got to our destination.

Good times.

I know you probably can't really make this out...but I warned them I would put this on my blog when they sent it. Sometimes ya gotta back your talk up.

*Spell check is working again! It's gonna be a good day!


chelle's winks said...

Sounds like fun....Paige is getting too big..I like her hair better curley so that works for me...

Yes for spell's about time.....

M.L.E said...

Girl, you know I tagged yo' butt! Go check out my blog for details.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I like the now hit counter that says I'm from Vancouver. I'm not, but let's keep it that way... for when they come to get me.
Sounds like a good time, hope no cone-head motor pool sarje noticed the van at Starbucks.

Shane said...

Hey there! I saw your cresent moon and palm tree flag on Adrea's blog (Boy Crazy) and wanted to see where you were in SC. We just moved from Greenville, SC to Virginia. Boy do we miss SC!! I'm off to look around your blog a bit. Take care.

Miss Hope said...

Lawn! No one ever stated that's where we stopped! Except for Chaps, who passed us turning in to the place, and said all she did was shake her head and keep driving. I figure if the Lt. Commander had no issue? We're good.

Miss Hope said...

Welcome Shane! So glad to have you stop by. Stay for a while and meet the folks. I'll be sure to mosy on over and visit you, too!

AndreaLeigh said...

Tell Paige to head to Sally's for some stuff for her hair. They make Feria conditioner that's sold in a white tube that is AMAZING for damaged hair (yep, I flat iron, too!). While she's there, pick up some Beyond the Zone heat protectant spray and spray that on her hair before she flat irons. It protects the hair from the heat. It shouldn't be more than $10 and will save her from having to chop off her hair later. HTH!

maribeth said...

this is maribeth.. paige sent me the link and i can sooo see paige doing that with the lights! hahaha i laughed alot reading all these..