Friday, February 08, 2008

Picture Post Friday!

I didn't realize I was on a picture kick until my post this morning. It's just been one of those weeks, you know? Where I just have to share what's going on at the Edge in pictures....because my Mama said to. She likes seeing up to date stuff.

Miss Em has struck again. The other day while out shopping for Mu's birthday present, she came upon something so true.....she just HAD to pick it up. I must say she's right on the money. Again. I can only nod my head and have a heart full of gratitude that yet another soul "gets it".

I can hear a collective "AMEN" from my choir of friends out there who are reading this right now. I love The Boy with all my heart. I truly do. But, that boy wears me out. I firmly believe that there is no other parent out there who loves bedtime more than we do. I had him pose for me in the van before heading to school the other morning.

What kind of face is this, I ask you? All I asked was that he be still for ONE SECOND. You would have thought I asked for the moon.

Another thing I want to share. We went to the Mardi Gras parade in town last weekend. As it was the first festival of the Festival Season here, vendors were out galore, along with fun costly things. There was this inflatable slide that claimed to be the BIGGEST inflatable slide in the world. I can believe it. That sucker looked to be 3-4 stories tall. Nothing doing but Makenna and Vitt wanted to do that thing. I'm thinking they were on the insane side. Never in a gazillion years would this Mama do it. Having a fear of heights kind of seals that deal for me. One foot off the ground and I get vertigo. Fred is game for all that looks dangerous and life-threatening. What a fun Dad he is! He went along to participate and I awaited them at the bottom with phone camera in hand.

Makenna went first. No fear. Laughing all the way. Just ran and jumped.

This is The Boy. The Man is at the top to the right watching him. He had no fear. Whatsoever. I think I need nerve pills. He was ready to slide again once his feet hit the pavement.

We are heading to Edge I today. My mother needs to see her babies and I need to see my Grandma who is in the hospital. We got a full weekend planned and I expect us to be happy to get back Sunday evening so we can rest. I already miss my bed. But I am looking forward to some cool weather!

Have a good weekend, Internets!

ACK. Spell check isn't working today. So all spelling errors are my fault and maybe I'll come back and fix them later!


carla said...

girl, that shirt is perfect. i need one for ainsley! LOL I wished we could have been at the parade...Jace and Vitt could have come down together. I hope you have a fun weekend in S.C. and I pray your grandma will be back to good health soon.

House of Hayes said...

I saw his shirt at school and thought WOW...PERFECT :)
Have a safe trip back home!! And I'll be resting up for next week!!

HUGS to you and the family..and Prayers are being sent too.

The Man on the Edge said...

You forgot to mention the fact that once that boy's feet hit the ground he wanted to go again & by the time I got off and then sprinted to catch up with him, he was half way up the other side, cutting right in front of a whole line of people to get there.

Yes, Em, the shirt says it all. It is PERFECT.

M.L.E said...

I'm so glad the shirt is a hit. You know I keep my eye out for that boy!

Hope, y'all be safe. I'll be praying for you and your Grandma.

Vanessa said...

That shirt brightened my day, although I am gonna have to compete with you about the who enjoys bedtime more...... I enjoy the 30 seconds after B goes to sleep right before I myself colapse..LOL