Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It seems that what we do on a daily basis is an endangered activity in today's society.

Eating together as a family.

What I take for granted is not a common occurrence. I just find that so hard to believe. That's my favorite time of day. I plan what we're going to eat, with a few suggestions thrown my way. I start implementing the cooking plan and start calling names. Paige will sometimes help me cook, but uses those few precious moments to fill me on her life and the teenage drama it's filled with.

Mak is responsible for cleaning the table off and getting all plates and utensils in place for eating. It's like a family thing. My Yank hubby has perfected his tea making skills during this time and can now proudly make the best pitcher of sweet tea you ever tasted. The Boy is usually falling on the floor in hysterics because he smells food cooking and is starving and wants to eat immediately.

Just good family time.

Shoot, I've gotten some of my best blog posts from Supper Table Tales.

I know life is busy. My own life is beyond busy sometimes. The kids have things going on, I have things going on, and The Man is just tired from work.

But, this time is precious, Internets. God gave me these children on loan until they are grown. Then I'll have to shift focus again to letting them go. They are wonderful people that I've been blessed to get to know. Each personality is funny and smart. How could I not want to be a part of their most important learning times? I have a teenager that will soon enough start spreading her wings to fly away. I need to hold her as close as I can while letting her shake her tail feathers some.

Paige's teacher talked about eating together as a family in class. He asked everyone how many nights a week they ate as a family. He was blown away when Paige said .....most of the time it's 7, unless Mama doesn't feel like cooking on Saturday. We either eat out together then or fend for ourselves and watch t.v. Most families rarely eat together more than 2-3 times a week. Wow.

I'm not dissing your choices or how you handle your family.

I just want to spend time with mine. I want to file away those memories of them at each stage in their lives. I want to blog about the things that make us laugh so hard during the meal. My free dinner theater won't last forever and by the time we get The Boy grown and gone...Fred and I will be too old to sing and dance for each other.

Better enjoy it while we can.


chelle's winks said...

your'e right..this is a very important time...With a husband that works shift,and a 18 month old, this is not always so easy for us. We do strive to eat together as much as possible and it was one of my New Years reso's.

The Pikes said...

With 5 kids at our table the dinner theater is always "interesting" but, I wouldn't miss if for the world. Some of our families happiest and craziest times have been there. My husband usually goes around the table and asked the children one by one what they learned that day. THIS can make for interesting listens.
Last night they had to make their own conclusion about a world event and most of them were quite the imaginative stories. For instance ( courtesy of my 12 year old) " Venice's canals are drying up because....the taggledorks(small men on scooters) are going around draining them to put water in the wine....Like I said imagination filled and humorous!

OneHungMan said...

The Hungs eat together almost every night. Unless work gets in the way, or YoungHung decides to eat later.

Good for you.

M.L.E said...

We're all about some family dinners! We eat dinner at the table every night (even if it is just me and the little one) and my number one rule is: no TV!! It's important to focus on the meal and our time together.

C said...

Unfortunately, RR is usually not up to waiting until DH is home from work. Usually I end up having some tea with her while she's eating, and then DH and I eat after she goes to bed (usually right about the time he gets home on weekdays... ick). I can't wait until she's able to last until a bit later so she can eat with us. I am SO into family dinners. :)