Friday, February 01, 2008

What is this?

This is The Boy on his field trip riding that pony. I could eat him up when he wears a baseball cap.

Just wanted to note that these pictures are courtesy of Dulcie, who accompanied Miss Erinlee. She's so cool to pass on these lovely snapshots for my viewing pleasure!

This is The Man who took The Boy on the field trip. He ended up saving the day because he was the only Daddy there and he was knowledgeable on how to drive the golf cart to give extra rides while others were busy with ponies. I could eat him up when he wear a baseball cap.

We are now discussing sports. Fred went to sign Vitt up for T-ball. You have to be 4 by April 1. Vitt will be 4 on April 2. Sucks. Georgia law won't let them bend the rules. So now we're checking out soccer. I have agreed to long as I don't have to do anything freaky like be a coach mom. I will promise to provide snacks and cheer them on to victory with pure happiness.

We also found out Mak is eligible to take golf lessons on Saturday mornings. We asked her if she wanted to play soccer or golf. Fred said....there's a lot of running with soccer. She immediately said she'd like to give golf a try. We'll see if our long legged gal has a tiger-ish knack for the game.

I informed Fred that should she develope that crazy love for the game? She would not be making his 4th on Golf Fridays and I better not find her kicked back beside him in the golf cart smoking a cigar.


jaime said...

Vitt was so excited about his pony ride. He told me they were ponies NOT horses! lol.

chelle's winks said...

Too bad about the T-Ball. Thats fun..Hope the golf lessons work out for Mak. Let her stick with this or Tennis and she can't go wrong.

House of Hayes said...

AAAWWWWWW!!!!!! I just love the new pictures :D
And a BIG THANK YOU for Fred...had it not been for him the hayride would never have happened :)