Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a Day it twas

Makenna informed us Monday evening that she was doing a speech the next day at a school assembly.


The Man proceeded to write her teacher a note asking what was going on and if we were invited. She called first thing the next morning to tell us that, indeed, Makenna was to do a speech she had written in front of the school. It was all last minute, but we were invited to attend. The Man skipped out on his Tuesday meeting to meet me at the school after lunch.

Before getting there, I went to drop the The Boy at Carla's to hang out. (We just can't count on him to behave at things like this.) The weather went bad in an instant. Pouring rain like I've only seen during hurricanes. It paused a moment for me to get out the van and get inside.

I was able to take a picture of two before all started. It was an assembly honoring black history month. Mak's speech was on Dr. King. The teacher said the students were to write about a person who has influenced them. It was noted that these kids were on the young side and were really not able to influenced as of yet, but Mak pulled it off.

That Dad scooted up there to snap a pic as she stood on tip toes at the podium so as to make her voice reach the microphone.

As soon as the speeches and music were done, the special guest (a sax player) went to do his show. And was stopped.

A tornado warning had been issued and all were sent to hallways to assume the tornado position. Which is on hands and elbows facing the wall. We were also told to head that way.

I got in the hallway and saw all those tiny butts up in the air.

I looked at the other adults and said, "If you think I'M gonna put my butt up for all of you to see? You got another thing coming." I was assured that wouldn't be necessary. We were like this for about 15-25 minutes before the kids were sent back to class and we went to leave.

I decided to take Makenna with me as it was 1:50 and they get out at 2:25. I would have to sit in line to pick up my neighbor's kids as we share the school ride responsibilities. I thought it would give Mak and myself time to ourselves.

There were about 20 cars in line when another band of bad weather came through. I buckled up and told Mak to hang on...we were going to South Carolina the hard way.

I kid you was raining sideways. The wind buffeted the van so badly, I just knew we were going to end up on our side. (This is about the time I thought maybe a TANK would make a good new family vehicle.)

The weather was bad that they were leery of letting the car riders come out to the cars. It really reminded me of the hurricanes I've seen in years past. (Yes, back in SC, we've watched many hurricanes and it's really an amazing thing to witness.)

I was so glad to get home, Internets!

Carla delivered The Boy back home after she got her kids and we hunkered down to finish out this day.

Is this where I say good times? I guess I could. It definitely made for an interesting day.

Note: By lunch time, pony tails develop bad fly aways on the side. She wouldn't let me spit on my hand and smooth it down. The thought seemed to gross her out.

I am so proud of my baby girl She has amazing confidence and never has a problem getting up in front of people. And she's dressed cute!!

A big shout out the best teacher for making sure we were there and a part of all the excitement!


The Pikes said...

Wow . What an afternoon. I love the image of all those butts . I would feel the exact same way. Id rather be strapped to the side of the school than to crawl with my butt for all to see!

chelle's winks said...

Way to go Mak....That's a good skill, gift(?) too be able to get up in front of a crowd. Something I don't like to do...Keep it up!!!

Hope you crazy...don't go getting yo-self whisked up in a tornado cuz you afraid to stick yo butt in the air!!!!HA HA HA

Do you ever have a day that the whit is "just not there?"'s the it don't you?

The Man on the Edge said...

Yes, chelle, we love the Wii. You really have to see Vitt on that thing. He and Paige were boxing last night and he knocked her out in 30 sec. I told Paige that she would never live that down, no matter how many times she beat him after that. LOL

As far as Makenna and the weather yesterday, we are truly proud of all our kids, but, there is just a rush of pride when you get to see your kids do things like this. Makenna with her dancing and speaches, Paige with her singing (she really does have a beautiful voice). We'll just have to wait and see what Vitt will do. Hope forgot to mention that I actually got caught in that weather so I was soaked to the bone.

M.L.E said...

That rain certainly was wicked!! Mak...I'm proud of you, girl! Not only did you get up to speak in front of a whole crowd, but you looked darn cute at the same time! Way to go!!

OneHungMan said...

(Patting self on back) OneHung has good taste in girlfriends...she's painfully cute.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

There is a belief in some Eastern Canadian native traditions that rains and storms occur during particularly potentous events. The storm, in this case then, was a blessing on your daughter and on her speech. Good fortune should be with her for a while now.

House of Hayes said...

Makenna WAY TO GO !!
I know that you did your Mama and Fred very proud :)