Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a Day it twas

Makenna informed us Monday evening that she was doing a speech the next day at a school assembly.


The Man proceeded to write her teacher a note asking what was going on and if we were invited. She called first thing the next morning to tell us that, indeed, Makenna was to do a speech she had written in front of the school. It was all last minute, but we were invited to attend. The Man skipped out on his Tuesday meeting to meet me at the school after lunch.

Before getting there, I went to drop the The Boy at Carla's to hang out. (We just can't count on him to behave at things like this.) The weather went bad in an instant. Pouring rain like I've only seen during hurricanes. It paused a moment for me to get out the van and get inside.

I was able to take a picture of two before all started. It was an assembly honoring black history month. Mak's speech was on Dr. King. The teacher said the students were to write about a person who has influenced them. It was noted that these kids were on the young side and were really not able to influenced as of yet, but Mak pulled it off.

That Dad scooted up there to snap a pic as she stood on tip toes at the podium so as to make her voice reach the microphone.

As soon as the speeches and music were done, the special guest (a sax player) went to do his show. And was stopped.

A tornado warning had been issued and all were sent to hallways to assume the tornado position. Which is on hands and elbows facing the wall. We were also told to head that way.

I got in the hallway and saw all those tiny butts up in the air.

I looked at the other adults and said, "If you think I'M gonna put my butt up for all of you to see? You got another thing coming." I was assured that wouldn't be necessary. We were like this for about 15-25 minutes before the kids were sent back to class and we went to leave.

I decided to take Makenna with me as it was 1:50 and they get out at 2:25. I would have to sit in line to pick up my neighbor's kids as we share the school ride responsibilities. I thought it would give Mak and myself time to ourselves.

There were about 20 cars in line when another band of bad weather came through. I buckled up and told Mak to hang on...we were going to South Carolina the hard way.

I kid you was raining sideways. The wind buffeted the van so badly, I just knew we were going to end up on our side. (This is about the time I thought maybe a TANK would make a good new family vehicle.)

The weather was bad that they were leery of letting the car riders come out to the cars. It really reminded me of the hurricanes I've seen in years past. (Yes, back in SC, we've watched many hurricanes and it's really an amazing thing to witness.)

I was so glad to get home, Internets!

Carla delivered The Boy back home after she got her kids and we hunkered down to finish out this day.

Is this where I say good times? I guess I could. It definitely made for an interesting day.

Note: By lunch time, pony tails develop bad fly aways on the side. She wouldn't let me spit on my hand and smooth it down. The thought seemed to gross her out.

I am so proud of my baby girl She has amazing confidence and never has a problem getting up in front of people. And she's dressed cute!!

A big shout out the best teacher for making sure we were there and a part of all the excitement!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Once made Mistake

I think Paige did something last night she'll never do again.

We all made a trek that famous Mart store. There were a few goodies we've been wanting and waited for the tax return to get. Like mini SD cards for the phones. Because I am a picture taking fool on that thing.

Paige makes her own money and is allowed to spend whatever she wants after she tithes 10% of her earnings. She had a little jingle in the pocket last night and decided to buy some fake nails. Bless her heart, she just can't grow them to any decent length. (She blames my Mama for that one since she has her Nana's hands.)

We come home put the younger two to bed. A little while later Paige comes around the corner carrying on.

What on earth???

She had decided to put her fake nails on and somehow managed to get nail glue on her teeth and when she went to spit, it glued her lips together.

Girlfriend was having a full blown fit over that one.

What a show we got before she managed to get most of it off.

I don't think she'll do that again.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It seems that what we do on a daily basis is an endangered activity in today's society.

Eating together as a family.

What I take for granted is not a common occurrence. I just find that so hard to believe. That's my favorite time of day. I plan what we're going to eat, with a few suggestions thrown my way. I start implementing the cooking plan and start calling names. Paige will sometimes help me cook, but uses those few precious moments to fill me on her life and the teenage drama it's filled with.

Mak is responsible for cleaning the table off and getting all plates and utensils in place for eating. It's like a family thing. My Yank hubby has perfected his tea making skills during this time and can now proudly make the best pitcher of sweet tea you ever tasted. The Boy is usually falling on the floor in hysterics because he smells food cooking and is starving and wants to eat immediately.

Just good family time.

Shoot, I've gotten some of my best blog posts from Supper Table Tales.

I know life is busy. My own life is beyond busy sometimes. The kids have things going on, I have things going on, and The Man is just tired from work.

But, this time is precious, Internets. God gave me these children on loan until they are grown. Then I'll have to shift focus again to letting them go. They are wonderful people that I've been blessed to get to know. Each personality is funny and smart. How could I not want to be a part of their most important learning times? I have a teenager that will soon enough start spreading her wings to fly away. I need to hold her as close as I can while letting her shake her tail feathers some.

Paige's teacher talked about eating together as a family in class. He asked everyone how many nights a week they ate as a family. He was blown away when Paige said .....most of the time it's 7, unless Mama doesn't feel like cooking on Saturday. We either eat out together then or fend for ourselves and watch t.v. Most families rarely eat together more than 2-3 times a week. Wow.

I'm not dissing your choices or how you handle your family.

I just want to spend time with mine. I want to file away those memories of them at each stage in their lives. I want to blog about the things that make us laugh so hard during the meal. My free dinner theater won't last forever and by the time we get The Boy grown and gone...Fred and I will be too old to sing and dance for each other.

Better enjoy it while we can.

Monday, February 25, 2008

What a Treat

I had my first Spa Day this past Saturday. Emily convinced me that it was the end all be all of personal enjoyment. We arrived a couple minutes early so we could stop in next door at the coffee shop (not that one, Lawn). We decided to get some fresh made smoothies to sip on while we got spa'd up.

Then it was time to check in.

Em headed back first while Carla and I hung out. Carla got called back for her manicure and I was led to the Relaxation Room to await my facial.

Now it gets good.

That little 4'10" in girl took me to the dimly lit restroom and told me to take off all my clothes and put a robe and slippers on.

Excuse me?

She repeated herself and I just looked at her like I was stupid. I then informed her that I was getting a facial.

She knew this information and then told me to take off my clothes and put a robe on.

Again, I repeated that I was getting a facial.

Again, she repeated that I was to strip and put a robe on.

I was getting a little miffed by then. I got a little louder in the relaxation foyer and said...."I'm getting a FACIAL. To me, facial equals FACE....not naked body."

This tiny little thing wanted to argue with me! And here I was...six inches taller and quite heavier than her 80lbs thinking.....Girl, I will snap you in two.

I just agreed to shut her up and locked her out of the bathroom. Then my rebel self said.....get naked? I don't think so. I took my shirt and flip flops off. Kept everything else. I locked my purse and shirt up and sat in the Relaxation Room. With my phone in hand. Texting Emily and Carla like crazy about what was going on. Texting my husband to let him know I was having issues.

Gawd. Sometimes I'm half crazy. Hindsight now says I might need some serious therapy.

Then I looked around. Relax, huh? The room is lit with 10watt light bulbs. There's ice water to drink (probably tap water and the water here is atrocious)....apples...biscuits(aka cookies)...and something else to nibble on. There's a little fountain bubbling in the corner beside me and some new age music softly playing above my head.


I sat there with anxiety crawling up my back into my neck. This was NOT relaxing to me.

Relaxing to me is a good book. A cup of coffee to sip on. HGTV playing in the background. Someone to talk to.

I needed a Zanax. Or Valium. I'm not picky.

Em came out from her facial and joined me. I explained my issues and she felt so bad! I truly didn't mean for her to feel bad...but I was out of my mind with anxiety. My mother and daughter go from 0 to 200 in 3 seconds flat. I have anxiety, but am a bit slower to rise. I was cruising around 110 by then. 30 minutes in a dark room can do that to a person. Dude! They didn't even have a magazine in there. Nothing.

I was called back. I explained my mental problem to my Facialist (that's what she said to call her in my blog). She was nice, but firm. She pretty much told me that we were gonna do this and it was going to be GOOD. Ok, man. I had to take my robe off and get on the table under the blanket. Oye, did I have a headache by then or what?

She was kind and gracious the entire time. She explained everything as she went. I told her I knew I was supposed to come in, lay there, and be quiet...but being quiet isn't how I roll. She laughed and said she didn't mind talking. She, too, gets tired of being quiet all the time. NOW, I could start relaxing. She didn't do a shoulder massage (because I can't STAND to have someone pinching on my shoulders). She did a neck and scalp massage. Oh yeah. She started laughing again and said, "My goodness. You sat out there getting all tense over this and now you are one HUGE knot." We discussed the different packages she did in case I wanted to gift someone with this wonderful scalp massage. At the end she called me a Knuckle Head and said she expected to see me again. Good woman to tolerate me.

I enjoyed a pedicure that got rid of the winter crusties on my heels. For some reason, I usually get a french pedicure, but Saturday was different. Miss Hope needed some color!! Got me some HOT pink on the tootsies. I lurve OPI. Best polish in the entire world!

We all met back up out front to pay and head out. We walked slowly to the Gas Guzzler because we were feeling oooooooooookay. I picked on Emily for being like a wet noodle. Girlfriend was RE-laxed. I'm glad she talked me into going. I might've worried her for a little bit, but her masseuse beat the stress out of her.

It was a good day all around in Edge-ville. I'm thinking the girls might need to do more fun things together. Next? SHOPPING.

A good weekend was had by all. Emily's house was where we hung Saturday evening since she needed some home repairs the menfolk had to take care of. I hit that meeting yesterday...even though I didn't want to. I'm not about meetings on Sundays. Now the week begins and I'm once again fighting mountains of laundry. It never ends!

Saturday, February 23, 2008's settled...

Okay, my Internets, it's settled.

I know a gentleman back in South Carolina who makes his own home made wine. I call it Ripple with due respect to Fred Sanford. I've tried my level best to drink a glass of that stuff and have yet been unable to do so. Never in my life have I encountered liquid fire.

My point is this: Let's all get a bottle of that fine liquid refreshment and put it in our vehicles. I believe our vehicles would run for at least 692 miles on one bottle alone. We could then thumb our noses at the gas companies as we ride around town past their gas stations where poor schmucks are paying outrageous amounts to fill their tanks.

I've also realized that this week has been about me. And it's not Mother's Day or my birthday!! I have no idea how this all worked out. Wednesday night I got to enjoy Girls' Night Out. Last night was my monthly "meeting" with the 7 8 9 Club. This afternoon Emily, Carla, and I are heading to a local spa to do facials, massages, pedicures, and manicures. I better clarify there....I'm doing a facial and pedicure (Miss Hope was raised Baptist....and therefore has issues taking her clothes off in front of people. Thanks, Mama.). Carla is doing a facial and manicure (she doesn't do that massage thing either). Emily will be doing a facial and massage because she's cool like that. After my meeting last night, I feel I might need to stop for a cafe mocha before heading it. It ran late...the meeting did.

Egad! There's yet ANOTHER meeting tomorrow afternoon at the gym on base for the Dolphin Auction* that's taking place in March. I'm about "meeting'd" out here. At least that will all end soon. We (meaning 7 8 9) were smart and signed up for the decoration committee. That way we can go work, come home, get dressed, and go back to enjoy the show.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! We are experiencing gloomy, dismal weather here. Makes for a slow moving non productive day!

*I'm not leaving you hanging here. I shall explain the Dolphin Auction in further detail as it draws nearer. It's for a good cause that is for the children of submariners.

Friday, February 22, 2008


There are things that I enjoy in this life...

  • A good book that I can devour and smile when I get to the end.

  • My husband bringing me a cup of coffee before he walks out the door every morning. I'm just flat out spoiled on that one, Internets.

  • Watching M*A*S*H anytime I can find it on.

  • 80's movies

  • 80's music

  • Going out to eat because that means I don't cook and Paige doesn't clean.

  • A good laugh...but not at anyone's expense.

  • Small babies I can cuddle and give back for someone else to change.

Life can be quite simple for me and I can accomplish full enjoyment.

Take for instance, the other night. The program I volunteer with on Thursday mornings did a Girls' Night Out. Chaps (which is what the Lt. Commander...aka the Chaplain is called by most) really went all out and planned a great time. She talked the owner of a salon/spa into opening after hours to give us the special treatment of one on one consulting.

It was great. We were treated like royalty. I took Paige along to enjoy the moment. I try to do one on one stuff with each of my kids because they need to feel special and important..because they are. Wednesday night was Paige's night with Mama. She even got in the chair and was shown how to use concealer to her advantage.

There were ten of us that went. Some of these girls had never stepped foot in a bona fide salon that serves wine with your service and some of us were in heaven looking at hair products (where I broke down and made a purchase because I am a sucker for good product) and talking with the stylist about what is best. I am glad to say that even though I tell my child over and over that she is damaging her hair straightening it every day and she ignores me.....the stylist telling her NOT to do it worked and she's backing off from the flat iron now made it worthwhile for me.

We all piled into a Mexican restaurant to enjoy laughing and picture taking. It was an amazing time and I'm glad I quit being wishy washy about it and decided to go.

Best part of the whole night? We had to take the government mini van on this excursion. I never ride the bus on field trips, but the cost of gas convinced me to break this personal rule. There were six of us piled up in there coming back home. Our driver was a uniformed gal who is a nut. Chaps put me in charge of getting us home as she stayed behind to head home.

That might've been the wrong thing to do.

Because I had no problem with us stopping at a popular coffee place.

Which is kind of breaking the rules when it comes to government vehicles. So is eating or drinking in said vehicle.

Uh.....I plead ignorance? (Fred, you are not allowed to mention how we discussed this same thing a week or so ago and how it's not supposed to happen...I got caught up in the moment)

As we were riding, I received a pic message from the back row. Coty (lovemarraigecarriage to the right) and Paige sent me a dark picture of fun times.

There was a moment of screaming laughter when Coty pulled out her key ring that had a blue light on it. She and Paige were swirling it around and the car in front of us slowed down to 35 in a 45 on base. I'm sure the poor guy was wondering when did security start driving mini vans. At least our driver was an M.A. (Master at Arms/military police). We finally passed him and got to our destination.

Good times.

I know you probably can't really make this out...but I warned them I would put this on my blog when they sent it. Sometimes ya gotta back your talk up.

*Spell check is working again! It's gonna be a good day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Piece of Advice

All you folks out there wanting to lead this great country of ours? Here's a piece of advice for you.

If you want the vote of the legal public? Figure out how to lower the cost of gas to a decent amount and keep it there forever.

I almost ran off the road the morning when I saw on the sign $3.15.

That's just stupid. Downright ridiculous.

And The Man wants an SUV????

What's the price of liquid gold where you are?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Was this a good idea?

*Taps microphone*

*Ahem* Is this thing on?

Most of you can see where I put that live traffic feed toy up to the right. I've seen this on a few blogs here and there and thought, "Hey! This might be a neat thing to do!"

Now, I think I might have stage fright! Am I interesting enough? Do you really even care if I teach my kids hygiene. Do I need to go back and see if I violated any serious military rules and gave out information I shouldn't have???? Okay, I won't worry about that one so much because too many military wives read and they would be QUICK to call/email/IM/comment that I was "breaking rules, Man!!".

I'm going to have to decide if I can handle the pressure. I almost feel like I need to give a big shout out HELLO to Nevada. I don't know anyone in Nevada. I think. My husband has 52 first cousins. All over the Southwest. There's no way to know for sure. Ohhhhh, the pressure.

Crap it.

I just can't dwell on it. Instead, I will tell you another Supper Tale.

Last night we were sitting at the table (because we eat as a family) enjoying the evening meal. Everyone was talking and enjoying the moment when my eyes came to rest on my little boy. He was eating all of his meal (Yay, Me! Healthy eating The Boy will eat!) All of a sudden, he pooted. Just outright pooted. I continued looking at him, waiting for him to say "Excuse Me". He looked around the table...I'm guessing to see if anyone noticed when he saw me looking at him with The Mama Look.

With no change of expression, he looked down at his plate. Immediately, he looked back up at me and with the biggest grin said,

"Chuse Me!" (his version of Excuse Me)

I just started laughing. Little did I know, The Man had watched this whole exchange so he, too, was enjoying a good chuckle.

I may have the gassiest kid in the South, but he's ever so polite about it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And He Rolled...

We are fortuneate enough to live fairly close to some good things here on the East Coast/South. We're about three hours from Disney World and all that is good and expensive there. Shoot, that should be enough in itself right there. Between here and Diz there is a little place called Daytona. A very popular place for a major Harley bike week and NA*CAR (for those who are having trouble, an "s" goes where the * is). Thanks to Jaime and her hubby Vladi, The Man scored a free ticket to this past Sunday's race. There were many phone calls between the two guys and plans were firmed up Saturday.

They left out early Sunday morning. Before dark-thirty, to be exact. The kids and I were left behind as he went to enjoy the 50th anniversary of this major event. And I didn't mind at all. Makenna might've had an issue or two since for some odd reason she seems to enjoy watching the race....but she has time to attend one or two in her life.

I am a tad jealous that he got to see Chubby Checker, Michael McDonald, Kool and The Gang, and Brooks and Dunn. Oh, and Ms. Trisha Yearwood Brooks sang our anthem for us. I received many texts and pictures of all he was seeing and experiencing. We were watching here and I would text back asking if he could see what I was seeing. Not really, but he was perfectly satisfied seeing the drivers up close as they went by.

I was in bed when he left and in bed asleep when he got home at 1 a.m. Seems after 50 years of having this race? Daytona officials still haven't gotten a good game plan to get these people out their town in a nice orderly fashion after such an event. I think it took three hours from the end of the race until they got to the vehicle. THEN, they had to get to the interstate to head home.

I'm glad he got to go and enjoy himself for the day. He was in good company (which always makes it better) and is still talking about it.

This morning I was making sure Makenna got her bath before school. I help her wash her hair because she's still not where she gets all the shampoo out. It is our jobs as parents to teach our kids personal hygiene. I've also discovered it's better to start at an early age instilling these good habits. My kids may not be the best housekeepers on the Earth, but by golly they'll be clean and smell decent! (I envisioned Miss Scarlet saying that last sentence with feeling.)

So, I was talking to my half asleep child as I kneeled by the side of the tub.

Me: (paraphrasing here) Being clean is important. You are growing from a girl into a young lady and now things are crazy acting in your body. You have to make sure you clean well all your knooks and crannies. There's nothing more unattractive than someone who is greasy and stank. It's just how life goes, ya know? There are some things in life you don't want to be. Stinky is one......

Makenna: (who immediately piped up before I finished) AND ALONE!

I stopped and thought for a second.

Me: Yep. Alone isn't a good thing. But if you don't wash and keep clean? I can promise ALONE will happen because no one will want to be around your nasty butt.

She laughed. Then washed really well.

An old dear friend of mine left a comment on yesterday's post. Crystie and I grew up together back in SC. Girlfriend got smart and left town at an early age, but we always try to connect at least once a year to re-establish our love. She's found my blog and I realized....I've got no way to contact her!!! Crystie? Girl, give me a way to contact you! No phone numbers because my Internets might take that as an invite...well, the less than stable ones might. An email addy would be great! I'd love to chat about the hubbys and kids with you.

Pardon me whilst I have a very minor meltdown. Spell check STILL won't work for me on here and it's driving me crazy!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It Keeps on Giving....

I gotta hand it to that husband of mine. He scored big with the flowers he gave me for Valentine's Day. Scroll down a post to see what they looked like awaiting me on the table where we went to eat that night.

Now enjoy the beauty of what's happened in the past couple of days!

I had to come back later and update with a better picture. I didn't have enough red showing in my first effort. This is courtesy of The Man.

Not a bad deal, huh?

I find myself looking at these more and more. I love the simplicity of the arrangement. There's no "frou-frou" stuff tucked in here and there. Yeah, that's my style.

We are enjoying the start of our three day weekend. I think Paige has more work to do than any of us to be honest. She's got to clean out the van (it's part of her chores every so often to earn her cell phone services) and she's keeping company with a handsome little man named Noah while his Mommy takes some much needed girl time to prepare for Daddy to get home. (That would be Emily and we are LOVING her being home with us)

I'm going to see if I can add another link to my list over to the right. My GREAT friend Chelle has started this blogging thing and I'm so glad. Now I can keep up with her and my babies better. She's like a sister to me and I'm missing so much of their lives being so far away. I'm also adding my friend Vanessa. She's a Navy wife and mom of a teen doing the best she can. She just has the best sense of humor doing it. I so want to have coffee with her one day. So, go visit Tiddly Winks and Inside My Head and welcome them aboard!

Have a good Saturday everyone!

p.s. Uh...I'm not a professional on types of flowers and such, so someone help a sister out and tell me what those purple blooms are?

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Day I'd do Again....

Yesterday was a day I'd do all over again and not complain. I felt like it was good before the sun even came up.

Because I was up before the sun was. You see, our base CDC (Child Development Center) had 4K registration for the 2008-2009 school year yesterday. I found about it quite by accident, but knew I wanted my son to attend that facility. My reasoning is this: Georgia pays for all 4K classes (South Carolina needs to take lessons on that one), so all are free to attend. Add to the fact that the base CDC is government owned (and I *think* makes it a type of DOD (Department of Defense) school) got good stuff happening. I had a meeting related to one of my volunteer duties there earlier in the week and was told there were only 12 spots left.


The doors were going to open at 6:15 a.m. and I intended to be there to get The Boy in those hallowed doors. I convinced Dulcie (of the House of Hayes fame) to go with me because we want to keep Erinlee and Vitt together if possible. We both showed up in a dark parking lot at 5:00 a.m. No other cars. Dulcie got in the van with me and we agreed we were both crazy as it was FREEZING outside. Next thing you know? This little car whipped in and this young chick jumped out and stood at the door. I looked at Dulcie and said, "Oh no, she didn't." I said she could sit out there if she wanted? But, I wasn't moving until more people showed up. Dangit, the cars started arriving. So, Dulcie and I sighed and knew it was on.

We stood in line from 5:10 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. in the FREEZING cold. More parents showed up until there were around 25-30 there. When we walked up, I went straight to the side of that chick and put my purse down at the door and did not budge. Dulcie was right behind me. That chick didn't argue.

Well, guess what? When the doors opened, we found out there were only SEVEN spots left. And I was number ONE. Dulcie was number TWO. That's right. We got those babies in what's considered the best 4K program in the county. All those parents past number seven were given waiting list papers and left cold and very unhappy. My hands and feet might have been numb for the rest of the day, but we were successful and I am THRILLED to have that out of the way. And Dulcie? You'll be past being so tired and will THANK me come August when these two are in school ALL day!!!!

I had to rush home and get dressed as my Thursday morning class I help with was having the base newspaper coming to do a spread. Good thing I put on makeup, because the guy took lots of pictures. Now we wait and see if he even uses any of them. By noon I was finished with that and about to drop. I came home and met my boys. I convinced Vitt to sit with me in the recliner so I could possibly get a power nap. It helped.

Fast forward to last night. My hubby took me out for a very nice supper in a very nice place. We got all dressed up and were smelling pretty good, too! We were seated at the table and had ordered our sweet teas, when I started looking around. I noticed that the flowers on the other tables were different than ours. I then saw a postcard on the table under our arrangement and thought.......hmmm, I wonder if the owner is letting florists make centerpieces and advertise? I made a comment about it and I didn't realize he had been watching me. Mr. Smooth had ordered flowers and had them delivered there to be waiting for me! I was blown away because it was so unexpected. Man, is he good. He always pulls one over on me on Valentine's Day. We had a wonderfully grown up time.

Apparently he ordered flowers that would start blooming the day afterwards and continue for a few days. They are gorgeous this morning!

That just about wrapped up our day here at the Edge. Oh, wait....

We got the kids a little something the other night. I came across this bucket of wrapped bubble gum. Around 250 pieces. We got that for Paige because she's all about some gum. I had given it to her Wednesday night while she was on the phone with her friend. She was all excited about it and was describing it to her friend. Said friend...."250 pieces? Can you fit all of that in your purse???" Paige said she wasn't gonna take all of that because it would be gone in no time.

And Makenna insisted to The Man that he HAD to get me chocolates because that's what you do. So he came in with a 3 POUND chocolate heart yesterday. He is insane. That's enough chocolate for at least 3 months of PMS'ing. Whew.

I had a friend call yesterday about my blog post from the weekend. She wanted to know why on Earth I would go into so much detail about puking. I told her she should have experienced it firsthand. Since I had to deal with it all was only fair that my Internets share in the love. Oh, and the "LOVE" at the top was Mak's shirt yesterday. Felt kind of theme-ish about things this morning...

We're heading into a three day weekend. I think three day weekends should be required by law.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Under Attack

Pardon my absence, would you please? The Edge has been under attack. By what, you ask? The nastiest stomach virus to hit the SouthEast in a long time, I do believe I can safely say.

*Disclaimer: The following story might invoke visuals you'd probably prefer not to have. I'm just saying.*

We headed to Edge I this past Friday for a visit. Makenna needed to celebrate her birthday with family and I needed to see my Grandma, who's been very ill in the hospital. We were 15 minutes from home. We had been travelling for almost 4.5 hours when The Boy started puking. Paige immediately took action and caught the majority of it in the blanket that was covering him. I, on the other hand, have the weakest stomach when it comes to the sight, sound, and smell of such. I had to roll the window down and literally stick my head out to keep from getting sick myself. We pulled over to clean the best we could and tie up offensive odors in a bag. A Sheriff's Deputy saw us pull over quickly and came to see what was wrong. He was was wonderfully understanding and even donated a roll of paper towels out of his trunk. Since it was past midnight, he even stayed until we left to make sure we wouldn't need his services. Fine department public relations going on there. Vitt ended up being sick all night long. Dad slept with him and tended to him because everyone knows how Mama can't handle it.

I thought we were clear after that.

I was wrong.

We were on the way home Sunday afternoon, early evening. Makenna mentioned she didn't feel well. I knew this thing was a sneaky beast and would attack without a lot of forewarning. I provided her with a bag and a blanket and asked that she just hang on til we got back home.

Didn't happen.

Seventy miles before our exit, she exclaimed she was gonna be sick. I unbuckled and turned my big butt to all of I-95 so I could help. That girl put the Exorcist to shame. I have never seen someone projectile vomit like that. It came up through the seats to the front, got on Vitt and a few things on the floor. Oh, the smell. That smell. Fred wasn't feeling good already, so next thing I knew? Both windows were coming down. At 75 m.p.h. In slightly coolish air. We pulled over at the next exit. This time The Man was unable to help clean as his stomach was considering a rebellion.

Do you know what that means?

Paige cleaned the brunt of it and I had to help. I dug clothes out of the dirty clothes bag to send Makenna to change in the convenience store bathroom. Fred was delegated to buy air freshener and garbage bags. We managed to clean a majority of it and I hung a 30 gallon bag over the passenger front seat in front of Makenna. She assured me she felt MUCH better and I informed her that she would continue to be sick and she better put her head in that bag when she was.

*My friend interrupted me later as I was telling her this to remark, "I bet that'll be the only time in your life it'll be legal to tell your child to put their head in a plastic bag." I believe she's right.*

Only a few miles down the road, my husband informed me he had to stop and I would have to finish the drive. As I sat waiting on him at the rest area, I called my Daddy to wonder aloud if we would ever make it home. By then, we were only 30 miles from home. The Man came back to tell me it was a false alarm, but he still wanted me to drive.

A couple more miles and Makenna got sick. And continued to be sick. By then I had gotten on the tail of a Mercedes with dark tinted windows going around 85 m.p.h. I had windows rolled halfway down, heater wide open, leaned forward, with furrowed brows as I hung with this car busting the speed limit left and right. I saluted them when I reached my exit. Fred barely made it to our home before he got sick.

It was not a good night.

Then Paige woke up sick. I had a funky stomach. Vitt wasn't faring well in the pooping department.

Needless to say.....we all holed up Monday and just laid around in our pajamas. We were unable to do much else.

Now we are mostly mended. Everything is back on schedule and I'm crossing fingers that it has left for good. I don't think we could handle another round.

My grandma has been up and down all week. I haven't even put the suitcase up because I fear we may have to pack it up and head back to S.C. My mother was attacked by this virus, along with my niece and nephew (last I heard). I can't get over how violent this thing is and how it just goes through your system like a bad hurricane/tornado/tsunami. With earthquake aftershocks. Anyone who has had it will be nodding in agreement right about now.

I have other things to fill you in on, but I must go get dressed as I have volunteer duties this morning. I must find time to power nap this afternoon as my handsome man is taking me out to eat in a swanky restaraunt tonight. He proposed five years ago today and it's been the ride of my life since!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

p.s. Can someone please tell me why spell check isn't working now? That just bugs me!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Picture Post Friday!

I didn't realize I was on a picture kick until my post this morning. It's just been one of those weeks, you know? Where I just have to share what's going on at the Edge in pictures....because my Mama said to. She likes seeing up to date stuff.

Miss Em has struck again. The other day while out shopping for Mu's birthday present, she came upon something so true.....she just HAD to pick it up. I must say she's right on the money. Again. I can only nod my head and have a heart full of gratitude that yet another soul "gets it".

I can hear a collective "AMEN" from my choir of friends out there who are reading this right now. I love The Boy with all my heart. I truly do. But, that boy wears me out. I firmly believe that there is no other parent out there who loves bedtime more than we do. I had him pose for me in the van before heading to school the other morning.

What kind of face is this, I ask you? All I asked was that he be still for ONE SECOND. You would have thought I asked for the moon.

Another thing I want to share. We went to the Mardi Gras parade in town last weekend. As it was the first festival of the Festival Season here, vendors were out galore, along with fun costly things. There was this inflatable slide that claimed to be the BIGGEST inflatable slide in the world. I can believe it. That sucker looked to be 3-4 stories tall. Nothing doing but Makenna and Vitt wanted to do that thing. I'm thinking they were on the insane side. Never in a gazillion years would this Mama do it. Having a fear of heights kind of seals that deal for me. One foot off the ground and I get vertigo. Fred is game for all that looks dangerous and life-threatening. What a fun Dad he is! He went along to participate and I awaited them at the bottom with phone camera in hand.

Makenna went first. No fear. Laughing all the way. Just ran and jumped.

This is The Boy. The Man is at the top to the right watching him. He had no fear. Whatsoever. I think I need nerve pills. He was ready to slide again once his feet hit the pavement.

We are heading to Edge I today. My mother needs to see her babies and I need to see my Grandma who is in the hospital. We got a full weekend planned and I expect us to be happy to get back Sunday evening so we can rest. I already miss my bed. But I am looking forward to some cool weather!

Have a good weekend, Internets!

ACK. Spell check isn't working today. So all spelling errors are my fault and maybe I'll come back and fix them later!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Workin' on a Decade

Guess what today is?? Really...go ahead. Guess!!!

That's right. It's my Baby Girl's birthday. She's 9 years old, Internets. I am in a mild state of shock trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my 5lb. baby is now almost a decade old. I remember really holding her for the first time around 3a.m. in the morning. I had her at 11:03 p.m. and she needed some extra attention as she was a myconium stain baby. I remember the lights being turned down low and all I could do was sit there and trace her features with my finger and whisper all kinds of promises to her as she slept.

Now she's becoming her own person. No longer can I dress her in what I like. She is verbalizing her need to express herself. I love to watch her curl up on the couch with a book and see her lose herself for hours in a good story. Then, I watch her jump into one of her craft projects where she pleases no one but herself with the end result. It's cool if you like it, too, but she is the one who has to be happy when all is said and done.

Her birthday started out with a visit to the beauty salon yesterday evening. There, her stylist, Sam, proceeded to pamper her and give her awesome birthday hair! She sat down in that chair and didn't shut up the entire time. She told Sam all about her life as she hadn't seen her in a few months. Sam went the extra mile and styled her hair so she could "save" it for today and it would be all cool. Yeah, that baby loves a good visit to the salon. Indication of things to come?

She awoke this morning to a Birthday Goody Bag. A few Hann*h Montan*a things.....some dingle dangle earrings.....and some matching under garments. She was thrilled and is now anxiously awaiting her chance to open the other present waiting on her.

I'm proud of my girl. She never gives us a problem with school. She loves to read whatever she can get her hands on. She loves HGTV as much as Fred and I do. Design shows thrill her and she digs House Hunters, too! I'm excited to see what my child will end up being with all the creative juices that flow through her veins.

But if it were up to her? She'd grow up and work on her favorite show of all times...Myth Busters. She's addicted to watching those boys prove the myths true or false. She thinks it would be the coolest job ever to be paid to do such fun stuff. Go figure.

Don' you wish you had a cool Mama like me to order personalized tshirts to wear on your birthday? AND to make sure you got awesome dingle dangle earrings to go with it? Way I see it? If ya gotta go to school on a Wednesday...on your birthday? Rock it the best way you can!


Friday, February 01, 2008

What is this?

This is The Boy on his field trip riding that pony. I could eat him up when he wears a baseball cap.

Just wanted to note that these pictures are courtesy of Dulcie, who accompanied Miss Erinlee. She's so cool to pass on these lovely snapshots for my viewing pleasure!

This is The Man who took The Boy on the field trip. He ended up saving the day because he was the only Daddy there and he was knowledgeable on how to drive the golf cart to give extra rides while others were busy with ponies. I could eat him up when he wear a baseball cap.

We are now discussing sports. Fred went to sign Vitt up for T-ball. You have to be 4 by April 1. Vitt will be 4 on April 2. Sucks. Georgia law won't let them bend the rules. So now we're checking out soccer. I have agreed to long as I don't have to do anything freaky like be a coach mom. I will promise to provide snacks and cheer them on to victory with pure happiness.

We also found out Mak is eligible to take golf lessons on Saturday mornings. We asked her if she wanted to play soccer or golf. Fred said....there's a lot of running with soccer. She immediately said she'd like to give golf a try. We'll see if our long legged gal has a tiger-ish knack for the game.

I informed Fred that should she develope that crazy love for the game? She would not be making his 4th on Golf Fridays and I better not find her kicked back beside him in the golf cart smoking a cigar.