Friday, May 11, 2007

Royal Weekend Update #1

Am so sorry if my weekend bores you, but it's my weekend and I'll update if I want to. So there.

I awoke* from my nap today to receive my first present of the weekend. Yes, first! I assume I will be getting one every day until Sunday because, if not, I'll be on the upset side if there is nothing for me on Sunday. THE DAY.

My husband had taken it upon himself to order me a box of chocolates! Oh. My. I love me some chocolates. I opened them quickly and proceeded to share with my family. Well, I let them pick out what piece they wanted except for the one in the middle. No matter who makes the chocolate, the middle piece is always THE piece to get and they ARE my chocolates. There are two of everything, so one had to be left for me because I want to taste them all! Milk chocolate. No tacky yucky nugout centers in these bad boys. It's all good stuff. The box is now stuffed in the freezer where Vitt doesn't know where it is because he was all "Ummmmmmm" when he got his piece and I know he'll jack my box and get hurt in a major way if he can get his hands on it.

Makenna wants to give me her present and I won't let her. Said it has to wait to Sunday. I'll give her until tomorrow evening before she cracks under the pressure.

* I am still sick and out of sorts. I had a minor temper tantrum today and vented to Fred that it wasn't fair that everyone else had happy HEALTHY birthdays and I'm sick on mine. I was just going to call the whole thing off. Mother's Day and my birthday. Just cancel the whole deal altogether. I must really think I got some major super powers, huh?

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