Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Mack Daddy Grill

We got us a happy man here. At 9:30 yesterday morning he surprised me by coming home. Apparently the Head Honcho found out it was his birthday and sent him home for the day. I fixed us a nice lunch and he got to sneak off and get a nap.

Fred was presented with his grill that Paige and I had gotten from Low*s the night before. This was done as we were leaving to go out to supper, so he really only got a good glimpse of it. Supper was almost an ordeal because Vitt simply isn't public material. I was wore out from fighting him by the time we left. After a quick trip to Wal*art, we were in for the night.

It didn't take long for The Man to put The Boy to bed. Unbeknownst to me...he had plans. Big plans. I was on the computer in the East Wing when I had need of my cell phone. I went to the West Wing to get it when I came across this.

Dude was puttin his grill together. In my living room.

Note how a headband with a flash light makes a man look FIERCE and all business-like. Complete focus, PEOPLE! This is serious stuff. If the grill isn't just right, steaks and chicken will suffer!!!

He didn't hardly care that I was snapping pictures of him and laughing. Cuz he's got a GRILL, man. I'm thinking he had visions of watching that television behind him whilst cooking up some steaks. Don't know how he was going to manage it, but, hey, a man can dream. Right?

And I'm not stupid. The ROYAL WEEKEND is next weekend. I'm not cooking.

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C.Oz said...

Ahahaha. That picture is TOO funny. I can see my husband doing that, but he's not so good with tools. ;)