Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Ol' Mama Brag Going on Here

I gotta brag on Makenna for a minute. I'm sure you'll understand. I am so blessed to have kids that love to read. Well, Paige and Mak love to read. I'm not so sure Vitt will inherit the love.

Most schools have an Accelerated Reader program. This is where the kids read books, take a test on the book, and score points for the right answer. Paige has won awards for this back at her old school. In fact, she won out of the whole entire school in 5th grade. (and it was a school with 5th- 8th grades!) Back at Spring Break, we started Makenna on the Har*y Po*ter series. She was a fanatic reader. She moved from one book to the next quicker than we could keep up. She's already reading them the second time around. Anyone who has seen these books will know they are HUGE. Or, as each is written, the longer it gets. Mak scored major points with just a couple of books.

The rule at her school was that anyone who has over 200 points would get a limo ride and lunch at the Piz*a H*t. She was all over that. Girlfriend wanted to ride in a limo and get pizza...FOR FREE. (I say it like that because she always stressed the FREE part when talking about it).

She succeeded. She ended up with 229 points and a guaranteed seat in that limo. Yesterday was the big day and Fred, Vitt, and I were on hand to take pictures. Do you honestly think I'd let something as cool as this go by without pictures???? I dressed her in a cute outfit yesterday morning and begged her to stay clean. She called around 10 a.m. to tell me her shoe had broken. She then informed me which shoes to bring. Her nice church shoes with the sparklies on the straps. I tried to talk her into a lesser pair, but she said firmly that the sparkly shoes would match best and to please bring them. Gotcha, sister. She wasn't too thrilled that I put a "big hocking bow" up in her hair, but I love big hocking bows in long pretty hair. I'm sure she will fight me tooth and nail next year not to wear any and it will then be time to give up the fight as she will be too old. But, for now? Hocking bow it shall be.

This is where she turns to give a thumbs up because..."the limo is here and I'm going! Woo hoo!"

This child will strike a pose automatically when a camera goes up and she was in fine form standing beside "the HUGE car".

Mr. Limo Driver was so cool. He told me to go to the driver's seat so I could get a good interior picture. I didn't ask Makenna after she got home, but I wonder if they tried to mess with the nice pretty glasses that were all set up. Six kids. Real glass glasses. Oh, my. (note: big hocking bow)

As you can see, The Boy copped him a sit-down. Looks right comfy there, doesn't he?

Yeah. I'm the dorky Mom that will stand there and take a moving picture of the limo as it drives off into the sunset. The driver totally tooted the horn for me, too. I'm cool like that.

This concludes my Big Ol' Mama Brag for the moment. I'm very proud of the hard work Makenna put forth. She earned every single second of this special treat. I was shocked that Fred and I were the only parents to show up and take pictures. Ask me if I care? She'll have proof now!

.........proof that her Mama made her wear the big hocking bow.


Melinda Meadows said...

That's priceless! Good on her!

Next month I break out the HP books for Remy again...gotta re-read all of them before the new book comes out! Did I mention we are buying 2 copies because this Mama doesn't want to share?!

Miss Hope said...

Amen, girl! We all want our own copies instead of waiting. I said it didn't matter to me because I got first dibs because I out rank everyone in the house!!! LOL

Paige-a-roni said...

all right ya'll..just to clarify..i won TWO YEARS in a row..HA! i made a record at that school..its pretty ninja..mhmm...yeah..and,

much <3!

Domestic Diva said...

Yay for Makenna!! She just looked too cute in that adorable outfit and "big hocking bow!" ;)

C.Oz said...

That's awesome! I'm pretty impressed. (Also, I'm wicked jealous because although we got free Pizza Hut for reading a lot, there was never any limo involved.)

Thanks for sharing, Hope!

Jacinda said...

Good for her and good for you-for making her wear the bow AND for taking pictures! You know I SO would have done both of those! It's the Southern Mama in us!!!!