Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tidbits from the Edge

I've been playing around a little bit this morning with my blog. I finally got my column to the right arranged the way I want it. I've also added another friend to my list. She's a fellow Navy wife and, although, we've never seen each other in person, I value her friendship! Oh, and she posts recipes, too. That'll make my Mama happy because she's all about a good recipe. Doesn't mean she'll cook it. She collects recipes like a crazy person.

The jazz shoe has been located. I think. That thing just really bugged me. You gotta know Makenna to really understand. This child is very laid back and easygoing. But, Airhead is her middle name. I'm not being mean, this is my child! She's very easily distracted and you can send her somewhere for something and before she gets there, she's already forgotten what she's been sent for. She has amazing grades in school....has read ALL SIX HARRY POT*ER books since Spring Break. Every single one of them. She's in second grade. I believe her reading level is somewhere around the 6th-8th grade level. She's a smart cookie....that lives in her own world. Oh, where did we find the shoe? Well, it was no where to be found here, so we headed to the studio before we went out for The Man's birthday Tuesday night. Fred went in and came back out with a shoe. My philosophy was...if it'll fit on her's ours. Good news? It was a left shoe to the one right one we had and it was the same size and same amount of wear and tear. So, I'm inclined to think that this really is her shoe and, therefore, have no guilt about keeping it.

AND. AND.AND. I left this up to go refresh my coffee and when I came back, my son had found a PAINT PEN. A PAINT PEN?!? WHITE. I didn't even know we owned such a thing, People! Suffice it to say, the computer screen was completely decorated and the whole desk and keyboard. I am just beside myself. This lets me know how tigers can eat their young. It truly does. I've gotten it off of the screen. How, might you ask? Fingernail polish remover and cotton balls. Someone once told me to use that magic eraser for this, but I've seen what that eraser can do to a paint job on the walls and the finish on tile floors. I opted for the lesser of two evils. ~sigh~ But, it's not coming off of the desk and keyboard. Any suggestions on that? Pardon me......THIS JUST PISSES ME OFF. And, yes, I tore his butt up. Might even do it again if I feel like it. And right now...I really feel like it. That's why I'm talking to you whilst gritting my teeth.

The Man cooked us some chicken on the grill last night. Our neighbor noticed The Man rolling the grill to the West Wing patio, and came down to admire. Nothing cuter than watching two men through the door with their arms crossed looking at a grill. I convinced him to bring his pork chops down and throw them on. I'm sure he'll be getting his own very soon. I'm all a flutter trying to think of things we can...ahem....HE can cook on his Man Stove now. *

Now I'm off to try and get some of this paint off of my desk. Am still pissed about it, too.

*You know Fred had to get the propane tank yesterday so we...uh, HE could try out the new grill. And the cover to protect it from the elements. Word of advice to all the ladies out there. Get your man a grill for a major thing like Christmas, Father's Day, or Birthday. Have you seen all the accessories you can get for just a Man Stove? The possibilities are endless, People. I figure the kids and I are set for quite a few holidays with all that Low*s has.

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Well I feel so honored to be on Hope's most famous blog! I believe I'm movin up in the world! ;)