Monday, May 14, 2007

Final Say on Royal Weekend 2007

Sources say it was a successful weekend all the way around. I'd say the sources were right. The sickness never abated, but we trudged on through it. I think at one point, Fred and I tried to see who was sickest. Then we figured we were both bad off and would just be miserable together. It can't be good when you go to bed and instead of love between you, there's a box of tissues. Yeah, too romantic by far.

I honestly believe Fred had the best intentions yesterday morning. He was going to get up earlier than everyone and fix a lovely Mother's Day breakfast for us to enjoy before church. Well, that never happened. He came back to the bedroom and confessed to how bad he was feeling. I told him to please just lay back down. I got up with the grand idea of getting the rest of us up and dressed for church. It worked for all of about 15 minutes. I ended up sitting in the recliner "just to rest a minute". The fever was talking trash to me, People. Next thing I knew, it was around 10 a.m. No clue what happened.

We did manage to pull it together to go out for lunch. Sufficient drugs in the system helped that idea along. I told Fred that we either got up for an hour and went to eat, or I would have to cook and I just didn't think I could pull that one off. We met our friends and their three kids out and really had a good time. Miss C brought me a lovely birthday gift I wasn't expecting. We enjoyed a huge pile of seafood (with plenty of leftovers!) and knew we'd definitely go to this place again.

OHHHHH. Get this. As we were dressing, I set my train case on the table. My train case holds all my makeup and I adore it. It might be on the old fashioned side because I really don't know of anyone who actually has a train case, but it's mine and I think it's cool. I sat down and proceeded to put on a smidgen of makeup so as not to offend small children with my sick, pasty skin. I finished up and went to put the train case up when Fred huffed loudly and proclaimed, "You are killing me here." I was confused. He told me to open the train case back up all the way, pulling out the trays and such. He removed the compact and mirror I just put back in there and Lo and Behold! There sat the lipstick collection from Merle Nor*an I has asked for in it's little case. Being sick had my skills of observance broken. I was thrilled and knew that my weekend was complete. Even if he had to practically shove my nose into my present.

We came home from lunch to sleep. Again. All afternoon we slept, wrapped up in blankets on the couch and recliner respectively. It was just sad, People. The girls needed to attend church last night because of obligations. I volunteered to take them. I literally sat in the van and slept the entire time they were doing their thing at church.

So, today, I'm going to insist that Fred go to Sick Call, or whatever it is they do with the military. I have a doctor's appointment this Wednesday already and I will be on my hands and knees begging for some kind of relief. After a week of this? It's all tired out and I'm ready to feel better.

Thanks for all the phone calls and well wishes on my weekend everyone. Everything was appreciated more than you know.

Just an FYI? This will occur again in approximately six years. Plenty of time to prepare.

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