Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Things

What kind of week would it be if I didn't post about my son's adventures? Yesterday was Monday and I do believe The Boy was fullfilling his weekly requirements all in one day.

Potty training. He is potty trained. When he wants to be. I think he's decided he wants control back. What control, I have no idea. Paige did this same thing when she was potty training, but I was young and able to ride the wave until she turned back to my way of thinking. I am now much older and my bank of patience is not as full as it used to be.

First thing he did? Poop his underwear. ARGH. I took him to the bathroom and we had a really long talk about how we don't do that and we come to potty etc etc etc. THEN I made him sit on the potty for a good five minutes to further press the point. We were cool.

Second thing he did? A couple of hours later he pooped his underwear. Again. It gets better. I was distracted doing some laundry. It might have taken me all of five minutes to finish up? In that small amount of time, he had decided to become an ar-teest (artist) and do some finger painting. With his poop. Oh, Sweet Lord Above. I come around the corner and it was on the floor. On my folding card table. All over him. I was pissed. I high-stepped his narrow tail to the bathroom and proceeded to give him a good scrubbing. Then I wrapped him in a towel...took him back to the scene of the crime. I cleaned up the floor with some Clorox spray AND wipes. The table was a lost cause at that moment. I put it outside to deal with later. I took him to the living room and dried him off. Then? I.Tore.His.Butt.Up. Uh....sorry. Naked. Butt.

Then I put him on his bed and dared him to move. He took me at my word. He buried himself under all his Spider M*n bed clothes and proceeded to take a nap. Good for him. Good for me. We needed to be in separate corners for a little while.

Paige was the coolest big sister EVAH and took him outside to ride his bike when she came home. They stayed out for a couple of hours and while she was out there, she bleached and hosed down the table for me. She's a good kid.

Last night was a chore. Because of the nap, The Boy felt he didn't need to go to bed. Dad might put him IN the bed, but it's a given he won't stay there for long. I was on the tired side, so I took all my cool meds along with the Amazing Cough Medicine. After a small nap on the couch, I decided to head to the massive comfort of my 800 thread count sheets. As I walked to my side of the bed, a little voice drifted from the corner...

"Mama? Ou (you without the y) go to bed too?"

"Yes, baby. I'm going to bed. Go to sleep."

"ooooooooooo kay."

A minute later.......

"Mama? Dad go to bed too?"

"I don't know. Tell him to come on if you want."

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Ou come to bed, too?"

"In a minute, son."

"oooooooooooooooo kay."

The kid kills me sometimes. Just to catch a break today, I might just duct tape a diaper to him.

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