Thursday, May 31, 2007

Visitors are a comin'

It appears my family is coming to visit this weekend! I am in shock and so excited. You gotta know my dad and brother to really appreciate this. They are home bodies of the highest order and do not to venture out of their comfort zone. But they are! My Daddy will tell you that he moved alot growing up and went to Vietnam, so he's done his share of travelling in this lifetime and home is a fine place to be. That, and the fact that there's where his recliner and big screen t.v. are.

We have been cleaning like mad people. I've been ordering everyone around like a bona fide drill sargent on crack. I want it all as perfect as possible so they will have a good time and come back! Jeez, it's taken almost a year to get them to do this much.

I am beside myself with excitement. Seriously. I've never had a home big enough to accommodate visitors and now I do. It's spacious enough that we won't be on top of each other and in danger of scraping nerves raw.

My mom and dad's birthday was the 29th. Yep, they have the same birthday and are a year apart. My Daddy is 60 years old. I just can't wrap my brain around that. He's always been larger than life to me and to face the fact that he is finally aging is beyond my comprehension right now. My mother is still clinging to the 50's for another year and probably won't give it up next year when it's her turn. I remember giving her at least 3 birthday parties when she turned 50. Humph...I was skinny then with only child and able to mastermind such a feat. Now? Not skinny and brain fried from having three hooligans to deal with. But, they're MY hooligans.

I plan on doing some cake and ice cream in honor of them. We're cranking up the Man Stove to grill out Saturday. They are all coming because of Makenna's ballet recital. We couldn't make it home for Toot's recital as Fred and I were both sick, but thankfully, she's not holding that against us. I told her to pack extra clothes and stay with us a while. Yeah, like my brother'll let that happen.

I've already warned my brother he has to sleep in the pink room. (Mak's room) He assured me that was okay as long as there was a bed available for him. Yes, there is! Just don't freak out when the morning sun comes through and it looks like Pepto B*smal threw up in there.

I'm going to try and sneak some picture taking in as proof they came!
Off to do more cleaning.............

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Crazy Me said...

"I've been ordering everyone around like a bona fide drill sargent on crack."

This comment was hysterical!