Friday, May 11, 2007

What Happens When.....

What happens when you get a bunch of Navy wives together in one place?

It gets loud. And you get to commiserate. You get to laugh. You get to vent. You get to have fun.

An impromptu get together was planned last night at the bowling alley on base. I decided I needed to attend because I've missed out on alot of such gatherings in the past few months. Taking Vitt out in public is not my favorite thing to do and most happened during the day. Honestly? I'd rather stay home than fight his froot loop self any day of the week.

I also needed to attend because I had the cutest baby gift for a baby that is now 2 months old! I can't go visit this sweet thing at her home because they have cats. Cats have a unique power of me. They have the ability to make me very sick. I'm talking E.R. visit sick. Therefore, I avoid them at all costs.

Nine showed up. Some I've met before. New ones that are just joining the group. Ages ranged from young to ancient (that would be me, Internets).

My friend Coty and all her pregnant glory was there. This is the woman who never ate ketchup with her fries until she got pregnant. I, of course, had to ask her when she was eating..."You want some fries with that ketchup?" She's a hoot and she's literally glowing. (Coty? Remember you said you'd be nice in your comments? Okay?)

I've been sick all week long and doing my level best to get over it because you all know about the ROYAL WEEKEND. I am determined to be at least mostly recovered by then so as to enjoy it to the fullest. I walked into that place last night and got totally stopped up. I couldn't breathe and I sounded horrible. So much for good first impressions to the new girls, huh? And I called my mother the other night in the midst of my sickness and informed her that "I am sick. Fred is sick. I'll get the kids ready. You come on and get them." She laughed. What? It's only 300 miles to my house. Lord, I sure do miss living next to my Mama and getting help in times like this.

It's really been a banner week all around for me. I went to lunch at a new friend's house Wednesday and had a marvelous time. Vitt actually behaved and played well with her son and we got to enjoy good food and chat time. I told her the food reminded me of my mother's cooking and I didn't inherit that gene. I'm all about returning the meeting out somewhere and picking up the tab! I can cook. I just don't have the flair that most women are born with.

By the way.....I decreed that the Royal Weekend would start on Thursday and end on Sunday. My official birthday. I'm Royalty. I can make it a four day weekend if I want to. Right? I'm going beneath my station today to get some cleaning done because when I say I'm not doing anything this weekend? I do believe I'm going to mean it whole heartedly.

Remember Jaime? My neighbor? The one that I SO did not do the sidewalk thingy at the airport with? Yeah, her. Her hubby and mine are cooking us lunch on the Man Stove tomorrow for Mother's Day. It's her first Mother's Day and I felt it necessary for us to be somewhat pampered.

Oh...and...uh.....yeah. About the Mother's Day cards. We got them weeks ago. I....uh...just forgot about them until last night. We're gonna get them mailed Mama/Nana, Mom/Mimi, Grandma, and B. They're probably gonna be late, though. It's all good.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all women out there. I firmly believe that if you love a child, you qualify on Mom's Day. Because that's what maternal love is all about. Aunties totally qualify.

I think my husband thinks there is a conspiracy abounding. We went to the commissary yesterday for groceries and every single meat I bought could be grilled. And his suspicions were further confirmed when we got home and I had the "Great Idea!" to grill the pork chops on the Man Stove. He is becoming one with the grill, People. Those chops that had Paige's Special Seasoning along with Fred's growing expertise with cooking outside? They were to die for!!!


Domestic Diva said...

While I'm so glad that it's your royal weekend, I'm even more happy that you are making some wonderful friends down there. :) I hope you'll meet some people that you can be friends with for a lifetime!

Ketchup Fiend said...

I *KNEW* you couldn't *NOT* blog about that night! :) See, I was nice.