Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I tried to tell that hard headed girl of mine. I really did.

Paige is a force to reckon with now that she has her new bike. I've been pleasantly surprised that she rides it as much as she does. I guess for a 13 year old it is the equivalent of having a car. Girlfriend is mo-bile, People.

I've told Paige quite often that if she is going to ride outside of our cul de sac, she needs to have her helmet on. It's kind of the law on all military bases. You know, safety and all that rot.

So, she goes riding the other day with a fellow Navy brat. And I'm cool with letting her go because shore patrol (military police) constantly rides around keeping us safe. Seriously, they ride by my house at least 4 times a day and who knows how much at night time.

While Paige and her friend were out riding, they were getting ready to cross the road. A shore patrol was coming so they decided to wait until he passed before they crossed on over. Mr. Shore Patrol pulled over.

"Where's your helmet?" he asked.

"Uh....at home." Paige replied.

"Well, don't you think you need to be wearing it?" he came back with.

"Yes, sir." said a red faced teen.(I wasn't there, but I know Paige and I'd put money on the fact that she was blushing.)


The girl doesn't even have her driver's license and she's going to lose driving privileges on base. Jeesh.

Bet she won't leave home without it again.

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paige said...

yeah..me and adelene told everyone we got pulled over..hehe..a lot of people ACTUALLY think its cool that we got "pulled over" on our bikes...=]..im so cool...