Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Just so you know. Chivalry is not dead. Yesterday, Fred and I were doing that parent thang. You know....where we run one kid to dance, pick up another kid from cheer leading tryout practice, while finding something for the Boy to eat so he'll ride better.

During one of these trips, we were heading back to house. Fred pulled into our cul de sac and came to a stop. I just looked at him because Jaime wasn't outside for me to speak to (she lives right at the front of the sac).

Out on the main sidewalk, there was a lady walking with her baby. The baby was in a stroller. There was a small group of vehicles with men standing outside of them talking. Our base is going privatised (don't ask-long story), so we have more civilians than usual around getting ready for the switch over. These guys were surveyors and were finished up for the day, standing around shooting the breeze. She had to walk through the middle of them.

My husband stayed there until he was sure she was safely through. He felt that a lone woman with a baby in a stroller needed extra looking after.

That's the kind of husband I got. Ain't it cool?