Saturday, May 12, 2007

Royal Weekend Update #2

It just gets better and better, People. I know some of you are resenting me whilst reading about my weekend and that's okay. I'm still gonna tell you anyways.

Today we had the Mama's Day Cookout. Four families came together at our house to cook out and have a good time. I think I might prefer the grilling during the day instead of in the evening. Our table was packed all the way around with people who were enjoying ribs, steaks, and chops. It was just a really nice time and I'm glad we thought to do this because all Mama's should be recognized.

After my nap*, I awoke to see that two of my neighbors were back over and my husband had something up his sleeve. I was told not to move and await further instruction. Uh...sure. Here he came around the corner with my children. I quickly held up a hand and said..."WAIT! Don't give me this unless you got a present for tomorrow. Don't give it all yet!" My husband said..."I got you covered tomorrow." I was happy to let them come forth bearing gifts.

The Man is good. Paige came forth bearing a porcelain pineapple with a candle inside. I adore pineapples. I collect them and have them all over my house. Makenna came forth bearing a gift basket from Ba*h & Body...with the new pineapple scents. Fred was able to get this even though the scent itself will not be released until Tuesday. Then came Vitt. With the new Michael Buble cd. How perfect was that!?!?! I am a big fan of Mr. Buble and was all crazy acting when I saw a certain song on this cd. Me and Mrs. Jones. Oh, yeah. That song has alot of memories for me and The Man. Pardon me while I go hum a few bars...........

What a weekend this is turning out to be. I feel totally justified in making it a Royal Weekend instead of just a Day. The kids are rolling their eyes when they don't think I'm looking, but I'll be sure to remind them of this when they are grown and gone with kids of their own. All in all....everyone is being good sports.

I'm off to get some more of Jaime's dessert instead of supper. Because it's good. And because I can.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

*Am still not 100%. The nose is running and the cough still lingers. After all that today, I had to nap or die. I really had no choice in the matter.


Domestic Diva said...

Well my my, you are having a great weeknd!! You've got one more day left...enjoy it!

Mateo Lusa said...
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Paige-a-lito said...

yeah..milking it for all its worth is more like bout this, next year, the week of april 14th is a national holiday..ha!..i declare it so now, and i was a gift everyday..=P

Paiga-a-lito [again] said...

*want a gift every day

Hope's Hubby said...

Keep wishing Paige. And Happy Royal Weekend to my love.